Customizing the new TreeDiff power toy

If you haven't seen the new TreeDiff, you can see a screen shot in Brian Harry's post about the new release.  It provides a VSS-style project difference tool that allows you not only to see what's changed but also reconcile changes.

Tan Phan, a developer on the version control client team, has written a post describing how to customize the TreeDiff tool.  He provides a link to Michal Malecki's post about a workaround for the get latest issue as well as how to fix the file extension filtering, change colors, and more.

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Comments (2)

  1. Mike Liddell says:

    I have installed the power toy, but the ‘compare’ option doesn’t show up at all for projects, and is greyed for folders.

    I tried toggling the setting in the tool|options|powertoy.

    is there a way to diagnose?

    ( 2005.8.0.50727.51, PowerToys v1.1)



  2. PermanentTan says:

    I beleive you are referring to the use of TreeDiff inside the Solution Explorer. TreeDiff is not supported from the Solution Explorer – only from Source Control Explorer.

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