Links to MSBuild tasks to extend your build system

Build systems need to do all sorts of things, from updating web sites to deploying databases.  Often, the tasks needed to do these things are available, but finding them can be a challenge.  I've collected links to various MSBuild task collections that you can plug into your Team Build scripts.  Hopefully, you'll find something that helps you get more out of your build.

[UPDATE 5/30/2007]  The SDC Tasks Library that was on GotDotNet is now on CodePlex at

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  2. Buck Hodges on TFS Extensibility documentation on MSDN and Links to MSBuild tasks to extend your build…

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  5. Page Vest says:

    Here’s a custom MSBuild task that can be used to extend Team Build to perform SQL Server database synchronization.

  6. Well, actually this is yesterday´s news, but I´m posting it anyway. Mickey Gousset has published in the Team…

  7. Erics Blog says:

    Back in February I blogged about MSBuild Community Tasks Project. Today I ran into a post by Buck Hodges

  8. Buck Hodges says:

    Last August, I posted a set of links to sites with MSBuild tasks for all sorts of things you might need

  9. Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi's book, Deploying .NET Applications , contains a chapter on MSBuild. 

  10. Buck Hodges says:

    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi’s book, Deploying .NET Applications , contains a chapter on MSBuild.  While

  11. sharmila says:

    That portion of the build is being skipped because nothing has changed in that section since the last build. For example, if you have a solution containing many different projects, when you perform a build you’d like to only build projects that have changed, and projects that depend on other projects that have changed. It would be a waste of time to include unaffected projects for each build.



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