Team Foundation Beta 3 Virtual PC is headed your way

The beta 2 Virtual PC image was hugely popular.  The new Team Foundation beta 3 VPC image is now making its way up to MSDN.  So, later today or Monday you'll be able to download and run a single-server and client beta 3.  Just make sure you have plenty of RAM since you'll be running everything on one machine (say 2GB+).

Comments (7)

  1. tz says:

    I can’t find the VPC image on MSDC subscriptions yet. Could you post a direct link, please?

  2. xsn says:

    I can’t find it either. Can you tell if it is publicly ready yet (for MSDN subscribers)?

  3. GNU says:

    I think the availibility is ‘Yukon-Style’

  4. Alex says:

    Can you please provide a link!

  5. buckh says:

    I’ve sent email to some folks to find out what happened. I’ll post when I found out.

  6. Buck Hodges says:

    There’s still been no resolution on this.

  7. buckh says:

    The latest news is that it will be another week. Apparently something went wrong with the first image.

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