Team Foundation Beta 3 has been released!

Today we signed off on Team Foundation Beta 3!  If you used beta 2, beta 3 is a vast improvement.  Beta 3 should hopefully show up on MSDN in about two days.  You may remember that beta 3 has the go-live license and will be supported for migration to the final release version 1, which means this is the last time you have to start from scratch.

With beta 3, single-server installation is once again supported!  I know many people didn't install the July CTP because of the lack of a single-server installation.  With each public release, installation has gotten easier and more reliable, and this is the best installation thus far.

I wrote about what changed between beta 2 and the July CTP.  That's still a good summary.  Between the July CTP and beta 3, we fixed a lot of bugs, further improved performance across the product, improved the handling of authenticating with the sever using different credentials (e.g., you're not on the domain), improved installation, and more.

If you have distributed teams, be sure to try out the source control proxy server.  It's one of the features we have to support distributed development.

While you are waiting on TFS to show up, you'll want to make sure you already have Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Release Candidate (build 50727.26) and SQL Server 2005 Standard (or Enterprise) Edition September CTP (build 1314.06, which uses the matching 2.0.50727.26 .NET framework)).

TFS beta 3 is build 50727.19.  The reason the minor number is different than the VS RC minor number is due to the fact that TFS beta 3 was built in a different branch.  The major build number stopped changing at 50727 (July 27, 2005 build) for all of Visual Studio, and only the minor number changes now.

Here's a list of my recent posts that are particularly relevant to beta 3.

This one will need to be updated (URLs changed):  TFS Source Control administration web service.

[Update 9/22/05]  Updated links and SQL info.

Comments (23)

  1. Ralf Haug says:

    Will beta 3 also include a client for VS 2003? We are looking to soon go live on beta 3 but still using VS 2003 for several months.

  2. Andy Ventura says:

    So, when SQL 2K5 is released in November will Beta 3 be able to run on top of SQL 2K5 Release or are we forced to stay with the CTP build?

  3. How much will it cost ? Will it include sql server or do I also have to buy sql server?

    How many CALS can connect to a TFS?

    What about if I got MSDN Universal?


  4. dudamir says:

    Dear Buck,

    Is team foundation server build system based on MSBuild? If not, we will be able to call custom tasks from it?

    Thank you,

    Eduardo Miranda

  5. buckh says:

    Ralf, beta 3 does not include VS 2003 integration. We plan to provide source control integration in VS 2003 as a web download shortly after version 1 ships. For now, you can use the Team Foundation Explorer stand-alone application along with VS 2003.

  6. buckh says:

    Andy, the current plan is release a beta 3 "refresh" that will ensure that Team Foundation beta 3 will work with the released versions of both VS 2005 Team Suite and SQL Server.

  7. buckh says:

    Luis, purchasing a TF server license will include a SQL license for the purpose of running Team Foundation. You can find out more regarding pricing on Rick LaPlante’s blog. See

  8. Sam Gentile says:

    Can you give some indication on when it will be on mSDN Subsriber? I need it for sessions and demos on Saturday at Code Camp

  9. buckh says:

    The latest update is that they are expecting it to show up later today.

  10. LAPIS says:

    Will a plug in os something be part of TFS for VS 2005 RC ? Currently there is nothing about Team in the RC…

  11. buckh says:

    LAPIS, you’ll need to install the Team Explorer when it shows up on MSDN later today. That will integrate the Team Foundation client functionality into your VS 2005 RC installation.

  12. mueno says:

    Are there migration instructions to go from TFS Beta 2 to Beta 3? Our SW engineers have already started some VS2005 projects on our Beta 2 server.

  13. buckh says:

    Mueno, there is no migration from beta 2 to beta 3. It’s one of the reasons that there was no "go-live" license with beta 2. Now that beta 3 does have a go-live license, you will be able to migrate from beta 3 to the final release of v1.

    To move from beta 2, you’ll need to add the latest version of your source code to a beta 3 installation. If you need to move work items, you can get most of it by exporting the work items into Excel and importing from Excel into beta 3. You will need to manually move the Repro Steps and Description fields, as they don’t show up in Excel.

  14. Josh Korn says:

    Buck, I’m kind-of tired of having to experiment so much just to get TFS installed, so I’d love to know the scoop (and better yet, I’d love to read it in the readme):

    which SQL Server CTP do I need to get TFS Beta3 working? better yet, which one do you guys use to get it working?

    does Beta3 rely on the dotnetfx installed with SQLServer, or does it need some other version?

    Thx, Josh

  15. buckh says:

    Josh, fortunately the installation has gotten much better for beta 3. Be sure to follow the beta 3 installation guide ( and read the the Known Issues and README (

    Rob Caron’s blog is a good source of updated information.

  16. MDeevi. says:


    As you mentioned in the Blog that Team Foundation Server Beta3 can go for GoLive License, we want to know how we can go for this?



  17. buckh says:

    MDeevi, according to Rick LaPlante, they are still finalizing the details of the go-live license.

    I would guess that there would also be information at when it is ready.

  18. Thomas Israelsen says:

    Buck, When will do you expect beta 3 refresh to be available?

    I don’t think that I want to bother installing anything until the VS2005 Team Suite and SQL Server 2005 releases are out.

    Also: Do you expect any more versions of TFS bwtween beta refresh and the v1 release?

  19. buckh says:

    Beta 3 Refresh will coincide with the production release of VS 2005. That’s slated for Nov. 7. I would encourage you to consider installing beta 3, at least in a test environment.

    While I am not aware of any other planned releases between beta 3 refresh and v1, I do not know for sure.

  20. Today I am installing the whole VSTFS universe. I am going to post as much as I can relating to the installation

  21. TFS Beta 3 Ready to go…I guess…

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