July CTP for Team Foundation is headed your way

Rob Caron just posted that the July CTP is making its way through MSDN now.  As Rob points out, be sure to check out the Known Issues and Readme pages.

One of the things that held up the release was we spent Monday trying to figure out why the communication between the source control mid-tier and client was terrible.  Downloads were taking forever, as were large web service responses.  We thought it might be a bug in our code or a bug in the framework.  At the end of a long day, it turned out that the duplex settings for the network cards in the test machines were wrong, causing dropped packets.  Evidently the image used to set up the machines was wrong.

I've written about some of the July CTP changes before.  Try it out!

Comments (4)

  1. Buck Hodges says:

    The dogfood system is now based on the July CTP (it’s nearly the same).  Surprisingly, we had to…

  2. AKS says:

    I’ve been running Beta 2 in a 2 domain environment (both Win2k3). Dev pc’s are in the corporate domain while the VSTS servers are in a dev domain which has a 1-way trust from corp. I’ve been experiencing problems w/Beta 2 trying to access the VSTS server, especially in trying to create new VSTS projects. For other operations, my somewhat successful workaround was to setup a VPN into the dev domain.

    Anyhow, I was wondering whether the dropping of ADAM would have any impact on this sort of deployment. Just to better deal w/this problem, I’m contemplating a migration from Beta 2 to the July CTP. Could you provide any guidance? THX!

  3. buckh says:

    I’m not really sure whether this scenario will work better for you with the July CTP. It should work correctly by RTM, I believe.

  4. Buck Hodges says:

    I’ve written about our experiences using the version control caching proxy server before, but I thought…

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