VSTS Pricing Announcement

Pricing is an important topic, and I've written several posts about it.  Today Rick LaPlante announced changes to the pricing of VSTS in response to customer feedback.

Here's one part from Rick's post that I think will really make some people happy.

One area where we received a lot of feedback was from smaller organizations looking to use Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server.  The ability to amortize the cost of the server over a large number of devs makes the Server exceptionally cheap on a per seat basis when you are thinking 20, 50, 100, 500 people per server.  However when you are talking about 3 people on the server, well we can all do the math.  To help address this issue, we will place a limited version of Team Foundation Server in each Visual Studio Team System role edition.  This version will be restricted to a maximum of five users and should serve the needs of smaller organizations.  Teams that have a need for more users should still find that Team Foundation Server is significantly more cost effective than current source code control solutions and offers tremendous value through its role as the core of integration across all of the Team System.
Be sure post your comments to his blog.  He really does read them.

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  1. css says:

    Next we need to get the Code Profiling, Static Analysis, Unit Testing, Code Coverage into Visual Studio 2005 Professional with MSDN Premium Subscription. See below:


    Spread the word. Maybe we’ll luck out again. If Microsoft is serious about letting developers create better software, they will bundle those tools with the lower subscription levels.

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