Scoble is everywhere

I got the July issue of Triangle TechJournal and opened it up to find an interview of Robert Scoble by Andy Beal (the interview doesn't appear to be on the web site yet). So even my mail box has been Scobleized.

Among other things, he mentions taking 7400 pictures over the last 18 months.  Even for digital, that seems like a lot.  I wonder how Longhorn compares to one of the many apps on the market for organizing the pictures (giving both the same metadata of course)?

Comments (2)

  1. Actually, I filmed an interview and tour of Microsoft Research today that’ll give you a look at some photo technology they are working on. Here’s a look:

  2. By the way, I have friends who’ve taken more than 50,000 photos in that same time period. I’ve been slowing down actually.

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