When can I get the Team Foundation Server?

Several people have asked this question.  The server is not included in the May Community Preview distributed at TechEd.  Also, the server bits will not be included with the upcoming VS 2005 Beta 1 release.  In fact, none of Team System will be in Beta 1, so the May Community Preview release at TechEd is it for a little while.

The server will be available in a Team System community drop later this year.

Comments (2)

  1. Microsoft, you’re such a tease. Here’s Hailstorm, nevermind. Have MDAC 9, nevermind. Yukon beta 2 will be here in a week, nevermind.

    That’s ok, I can’t imagine this will just disappear like so many other cool toys I have played with, but it certainly does suck to know that I will need to go back to NUnit after spendning the last two weeks rewriting test cases.

  2. Buck Hodges says:

    I understand. It’s certainly the downside of putting something out so early. But we really want to get feedback about the product.

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