Join us! Microsoft Azure Government HackFest + Training, October 3-4 in Washington, DC

After the great success of our first Azure Government HackFest + Training event in Washington, DC – and our highly anticipated second Azure Government HackFest + Training event in Sacramento, CA – we are now happy to announce our third HackFest event – this time back in Washingon, DC!  Register now for this can’t-miss opportunity…

Join Us: How to Accelerate Connected Citizen Services 

Citizens today are more connected that ever before; increasingly expecting anytime, anywhere access to government services and information – via online, mobile and/or social. To continue to best serve and engage ever-connected citizens, government organizations and their industry partners must deliver innovative apps and mobile services that are highly secure and provide a user-friendly experience….


Azure NC Virtual Machines Availability – GPU Compute

Azure NC-based instances are powered by NVIDIA Tesla® K80 GPUs and provide the compute power required to accelerate the most demanding high-performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads. Customers can now use these instances to run deep learning training jobs, HPC simulations, rendering, real-time data analytics, DNA sequencing, and many more CUDA® accelerated tasks. Additionally, customers…


Azure Government ExpressRoute

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with James Walters about Azure Government ExpressRoute. James starts out by explaining what ExpressRoute is and what the primary benefits are for government customers. He also clarifies the difference between ExpressRoute for commercial versus Government and the DoD. Steve and James discuss how…

Meetup Replay: Advancing Digital Government in the Cloud

This guest blog post is written by Vishwas Lele from Applied Information Sciences (AIS). AIS provides software and systems engineering services to government agencies and businesses across the United States. They specialize in cloud services, DevOps, custom application development and IT services. For additional information please visit It’s no secret that cloud computing is…


Azure Site Recovery available in DoD and New Azure Government Regions

We are pleased to announce the availability of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to all Azure government regions in the United States. With this expansion, Azure Site Recovery is now available in all Azure government regions (US DOD Central, US DOD East, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Texas, US Gov Iowa, and US Gov Virginia). Customers can…


Azure Backup now available in US DoD and Azure Government Regions

Today we are announcing the expansion of Azure Backup to DoD and additional Azure Government regions. This expansion makes Azure Backup available in all Azure Government regions (US DOD Central, US DOD East, US Gov Texas, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Iowa, US Gov Virginia). Azure Backup can backup (or protect) and restore your data in…


Microsoft Azure Enables NIST CSF Compliance: Detect Function

Today, as part of our ongoing support of the Cybersecurity Executive Order, I am pleased to announce the third release in a series of documents on enabling compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) through Microsoft Azure services. This release specifically outlines how to implement the Detect function requirements using the services offered by Azure….


Azure Cyber Analytics Program for Power and Utilities Partners

Microsoft is deeply aware of the importance of cybersecurity for companies supporting the electric grid and is committed to helping partners and customers secure their nations’ most critical of critical infrastructure. In furtherance of this commitment, we are announcing a cyber program: “Microsoft Azure Certified Elite Partner Program for Cyber Analytics in Power and Utilities”. Microsoft…


Florida finalizes CJIS Technical Audit on Microsoft Government Cloud Services

The audit is to ensure compliance with the FBI Criminal Justice Services Security Policy At Microsoft, we consider compliance a commitment, not a checkbox. As part of that commitment, we seek opportunities to collaborate with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) regulators and our customers on our approach to compliance, our commitment to Justice and…