Configuring ARM on Azure GC

**Update 6-12-2016: We posted additional details on Azure Government and PowerShell here.

**Update 4-9-2016: The Azure Module no longer requires switch-mode and as such, these references have been removed. The Azure Government environment is now part of the install and is no longer required to be manually added--these instructions have been updated.

This example starts with a newly minted Server 2012 R2. Using a brand new server, here are the steps to configure PowerShell for Azure Resource Manager on the Azure Government Cloud.

1--Download and install the Web Platform Installer from here and click the Free Download button.

2--Select the latest Azure PowerShell release, by clicking the Add button.

3--Install the module by clicking the Install button.

4--Click the I Accept button to continue.


5--Click the Finish button.

6--Register the Azure Government Account with the Azure Government Environment by entering the following:

 Add-AzureRMAccount -EnvironmentName AzureUSGovernment
7--Enter the credentials of a  valid Azure-G service user and click the Continue button.

NOTE: Ensure that all other browser windows are closed prior to performing this step so that previous session data is not present.

8--Enter your password and click the Continue button.

[Optional] If you have multiple subscriptions, use the following to select the one that you would like to use:

 Select-AzureRMSubscription -SubscriptionId [SubscriptionID]

9-- To verify the Azure Resource Manager namespaces that are available, enter the following command:


Similar output should be displayed:

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