Get Started with PowerShell on Azure Government

**Update 6-12-2016: We posted current details on Azure Government and PowerShell here.

(Cross posted from my personal blog)

Many folks using Azure Government probably have a subscription or two on public Azure. If you’re bouncing between environments and using PowerShell on each, it could become cumbersome to switch between them. This post shows a method that I’ve found to be easy to implement and simple to switch between environments. As a footnote, this can also be used to set up multiple environments beyond Azure Government, such as on-premises Azure.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken R. Ward says:

    There is now an easier way to accomplish this:

    $env = Get-AzureEnvironment AzureUSGovernment

    Add-AzureAccount -Environment $env.Name

    $envARM = Get-AzureRmEnvironment AzureUSGovernment

    Add-AzureRmAccount -Environment $envARM

  2. Navish says:

    This awesome. Very helpful and precise.

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