PSSwagger – Automatically generate PowerShell cmdlets from OpenAPI (f.k.a Swagger) specification

As a PowerShell enthusiast or DevOps professional, have you ever thought of having a tool that automatically generates PowerShell cmdlets to manage or access a RESTful Web Service? We are happy to share PSSwagger – the PowerShell Cmdlet generator for OpenAPI based web services. At PowerShell Conference Europe 2017, Jeffrey first showcased PSSwagger, and today… Read more

PowerShell Documentation Migration

  Hi, I’m Zach Alexander and I’m a PM on the PowerShell Team working on documentation. I wanted to let you know that there will be a brief downtime for online PowerShell documentation. This downtime will occur on August 2nd and shouldn’t last more than a few hours. We will start around 4:30pm Pacific and… Read more

PowerShell 6.0 Roadmap: CoreCLR, Backwards Compatibility, and More!

As we’ve made progress on open-source PowerShell, it’s time to start talking more in-depth about: different editions of PowerShell PowerShell’s relationship to .NET Core and .NET Standard the future of PowerShell when you might expect to start taking a dependency on PowerShell Core 6.0 in production PowerShell Editions There are two editions of PowerShell: Windows… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Release July 2017

We just released the DSC Resource Kit!This release includes updates to 12 DSC resource modules. In these past 6 weeks, 106 pull requests have been merged and 115 issues have been closed, all thanks to our amazing community! This is by far the most issues we have ever had closed for a single release! The… Read more

Getting Started with PowerShell Core on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Today we have a guest post from Honorary Script Guy and Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Ashley McGlone, also known as GoateePFE. This is deeper than Coke vs. Pepsi or Ford vs. Chevy. We are breaking down the barriers. Cats and dogs living together. Are you ready for this? What is PowerShell Core? The next release… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Release May 2017

We just released the DSC Resource Kit! This release includes updates to 10 DSC resource modules including 3 new resources. In these past 6 weeks, 60 pull requests have been merged and 58 issues have been closed, all thanks to our amazing community! The modules updated in this release are: SharePointDsc SecurityPolicyDsc xCertificate xComputerManagement xCredSSP… Read more

Coming Soon – PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

At BUILD 2017, we announced the preview of Azure Cloud Shell supporting the Bash shell. We are adding PowerShell support to Azure Cloud Shell, which gives you a choice of shell to get work done. Sign-up today to participate in a limited preview of PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell. We look forward to sharing this… Read more

Windows 10 Creators Update and PowerShell DSC

For those of you who are using or planning to update the Windows 10 Creators Update, we want to make you aware of some issues that we have discovered in DSC. The following scenario is an issue in this release: In PowerShell ISE, Visual Studio code or on the command line, you receive the following error… Read more

Announcing PowerShell for Visual Studio Code 1.0!

Today we are extremely excited to announce that the PowerShell extension for Visual Studio Code has reached version 1.0! We are shipping this update to line up with the PowerShell Core 6.0 Beta.1 release to provide the official PowerShell development experience for all supported platforms: Windows 7 through 10 with PowerShell v3 and higher Linux… Read more

PowerShell Core 6 Beta.1 Release

Approximately 9 months ago, we announced PowerShell Core 6 on GitHub being not only Open Source, but also cross platform. Today, I’m proud to announce we are moving out of alpha and into beta! We realize that moving a technology that started in Windows to Linux has to fit in properly to be accepted and… Read more