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  • SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 now available


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Fany Carolina Vargas | SQL Dedicated Premier Field Engineer | Microsoft Services


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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the massive improvements. What I miss is a Master Data Services roadmap. A new web ui replacing silverlight would be nice..

  2. Nancy rai says:

    like to read the blog and I read on regular basis. I find one more relevant post,
    Thanks for Information.

    I want to share SSIS Excel File Source

    In this blog post you will learn how to load data from JSON file or REST API to SQL Server (or other RDBMS systems e.g. Oracle, MySQL) in just a few clicks. We will use SSIS JSON / REST API Source Connector to pull data from REST API and load into SQL Server. Along with REST API, you can use JSON Source to read files and direct JSON String.

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