Renaming an Azure Windows VM (Managed Disks)

In Azure, the renaming of resources (such as a VM) isn’t allowed.  That is, you can rename the OS/FQDN name of the VM at any time, but the display name in Azure is locked in at creation time.  If this bugs you, vote up the feature request here: In the meantime, by tweaking a…


My blog is moving!

Due to changes in the Microsoft blogging policy, my blog will be moving back to WordPress.  You can find my existing articles (plus new ones!) at the following sites: SCOM – Everything else! –


Free Azure Training Resources

updated July 24, 2018 When you’re getting started with Azure there is so much to learn and so little time!  Below is a quick summary of the resources I recommend to my customers as they start ramping. Azure Overview Training – Azure Hands-On-Labs – Recorded Presentations from Ignite – Recorded Presentations from…


Azure Automation–Using Sample Runbooks in Azure Government

If you hit issues using the Gallery runbooks (like StopAzureV2Vm seen below), you may need to add a value to the environment name.  Just like when connecting to Azure Government via Azure PowerShell or CLI, you need to specify the environment name.  Add the value per the screenshot below and you should be fine!


The Importance of a Growth Mindset in a Technology First World

  This week I attended an internal Microsoft conference. The little group I spend my week with was fairly diverse – largely American but with Finnish, Israeli, and Indian participants; male and female; some from large cities other from small towns. This group broke the cardinal rule of polite conversation and discussed religion, politics, and…


Comparing OMS/Log Analytics and SCOM

updated 13 August 2018 When organizations move to the cloud, they often aren’t sure when to use their typical on-premises infrastructure tools and when to use cloud-based tools. A common misconception in the Microsoft world is that OMS (Operations Management Suite) is a replacement for SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) – it’s not. Also Log…


The Inevitability of the Cloud

Overview After working on Microsoft Azure for over three years I think I understand the cloud pretty well (as well as I can with a constantly changing technology!). I understand the benefits (cost, scalability, etc.), the migration drivers, and the goal of a digital transformation, but I don’t really think much about how the cloud…


Azure Government – Missing Features or Services?

  If you’ve experimented with the general Azure cloud (often called Microsoft Azure Commercial or MAC), it can be a shock when you move into Microsoft Azure Government (MAG) and notice not everything is the same.  Today I’m briefly going to discuss why there are feature differences, how to track them down, and how to…


Moving files between Azure Storage and RHEL

written with assistance from Harshal Dharia, Michael Hansen, and Kan Mongwa of Microsoft There are several options when you want to move files in or out of an Azure Storage account to a Red Hat Linux (RHEL) server.  Below is a quick break down of the most commonly used options. Azure CLI Azure CLI is…


Working with Azure ARM VMs, Images, and Unmanaged Disk (Storage Accounts)

A lot of the pre-managed disk documentation has become hard to find.  Below is a cheat-sheet on where to find the documents you need to work with Azure ARM VMs, images, and storage accounts.   Create an Azure VM from custom image (VHD) – Create an Azure VM from existing VHD – Create…


Using Azure CLI 1.0 to Copy a File between Subscriptions

  note: examples are from the Azure Government cloud but the command used will work in all clouds   Goal: Use Azure CLI 1.0 to copy a blob file between to different subscriptions Syntax:  azure storage blob copy start “sourceSAS” destContainer -a destStorageAccount -k destStorageKey Example: azure storage blob copy start “” vhds –a secondstorage…


The OMS Agent for Azure Government – A Cheat Sheet

  Below are the quick and dirty details you need to connect your Windows servers to OMS hosted in Microsoft Azure Government (MAG).  Any server with internet access can report to an OMS workspace (including but not limited to servers located on-premises, in the Azure Commercial cloud, hosted by other cloud providers, etc.). Initial Install…


Using OMS to Alert on Azure Service Outages

  If you are unable to alert from the Azure Portal, or simple wish to have all your alerting from one source, consider leveraging OMS (Operations Management Suite).  With the free tier option (7 days of day retained) there is no additional cost! Azure Service events are logged automatically in the Azure Portal –> Monitoring…


OMS – Azure Activity Logs Solution – Access to the Subscription was Lost

  Error Seen in the Azure Activity Logs solution view. Detail: Access to the subscription was lost. Ensure that the XXX subscription is in the XXX Azure Active Directory tenant. If the subscription is transferred to another tenant, there is no impact to the services, but information for the tenant could take up to an…


Azure IP Ranges

*Updated June 15, 2018* For a myriad of reasons it’s nice to know what IPs you can expect to see coming to/from your Azure space.  Below is a quick cheat sheet. Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges Public: US Gov (including DoD): Germany: China: updated 20 Aug 2018, thanks to Michael Ketchum…