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  1. Matthew L. Parets says:

    I am not the one to be commenting on the artistic merit, but I do love the inclusiveness of the girl turtle. I would even go so far as to say if you are only going to have one turtle, make it the girl turtle.

    1. We do hope to have her host a tutorial. Thanks, Matthew!

      1. And we recently used her on some material for a girls coding workshop! So I think it’s good to have the flexibility of using just the girl mascot or both mascots.


  2. Larry Moore says:

    Why the emphasis on decoration. I am a meat and potatoes guy!

    1. Meaning why didn’t we go with a more simple mascot? Yes, especially for adults. So we’re thinking of doing something like that for adults next. Thanks!

  3. UPDATE: We held a workshop a few weeks back and asked 54 high school girls what we should name our turtles. The names that rose to the top were Shelly and Sheldon!

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