Getting Ready for Microsoft Cloud Identity - AAD Connect

Hi, The process to deploy AADConnect is a well-trodden path and there is lots of installation guidance out there.¬† This post is going to go into to a little more detail on deployment considerations and the options you are presented with during the installation. Build Number – AADConnect is regularly updated with new features. At…


Azure Site Recovery Overview (Azure to Azure)

Hi, I’m temporarily deviating from Cloud Identity topics to show you a new Azure feature (that is in preview at the time of writing this post). Azure to Azure Site Recovery allows you to replicate\failover virtual machines from one Azure region to another. Azure Site Recovery has been around for a while and until recently…


Getting Ready for Microsoft Cloud Identity - Directory Preparation

Hi, A critical factor in the successful deployment of Microsoft Cloud Identity components is getting your on-premises Active Directory in order. Customers I work with generally have little problems getting AADConnect and\or AD FS deployed, but sometimes do miss some of the required directory remediation to ensure the deployment goes smoothly. For this reason I…


AADConnect - Multi Forest Synchronisation Planning

Hi, I mentioned in a previous post that I would go into further detail on the Multi-Forest synchronisation scenarios. I’m a man of my word so here it is. ūüôā With consolidation, mergers and acquisitions common place in today’s world, the Multi Forest capabilities of AADConnect are heavily utilised by customers. Customers really value these…


Cloud Identity Overview - Part 3 (Synchronisation)

Part 3 – Synchronisation As you will have read I have mentioned the reliance on an appliance named “AADConnect” for synchronisation of users, groups and contacts to Azure AD. So what is this synchronisation and why do we need it?. In a nutshell synchronisation is required for the following reasons. Provide on-premises integration – enables…


Cloud Identity Overview - Part 2 (Authorisation)

Part 2 – Authorisation Authentication is the process to validate that an individual is who they say they are. Authorisation extends this to determine what are they allowed to access given what we know about the user at that point. As we move into an era of working anywhere, on any device at any time,…


Cloud Identity Overview - Part 1 (Authentication)

Hi, I spend a lot of time with customers talking about Cloud Identity¬†so I thought I’d put together a series of posts that provide an overview of the¬†Microsoft Cloud Identity Story. In these posts I will aim to provide an overview of the technologies,¬†describe the deployment options and answer frequently asked¬†questions I get from customers….


10 useful Office 365 PowerShell snippets

Using the Windows Azure Active Directory Module connect toAzure AD using the following command.   Connect-MsolService   Enter your tenant credentials. (   1.Export to CSV all users that are licensed and have a specific UPN domain prefix.   Get-MsolUser -all |where {$_.isLicensed -And $_.UserPrincipalName.ToLower().EndsWith(“”)} | Export-csv userTrue.csv   2.Export to CSV all users that…