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A year ago we rebooted the WinHEC program. We built the new WinHEC program based off of partner feedback which led us to make a number of changes from the large conference we held from 1992 - 2008. The feedback helped us make the decision to locate the events in Shenzhen and Taipei, move from one major conference a year to more targeted conferences throughout the year, build in more hands-on-labs to help engineers become more familiar and develop skills with Windows tools and processes, and bring in more community opportunities through partner booths & presentations showcasing the exciting work in the Windows community. Momentum continues to build as we are seeing attendance grow while receiving positive feedback through our online properties and surveys we gather at each event.

To ensure this momentum continues, we are hoping to get feedback from our hardware community to help us fine tune the WinHEC program this upcoming year to help us meet the goals of our partners. Most likely the survey will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete, but please feel free to take longer to articulate your requests and recommendations.

Link to WinHEC Survey

Thanks again and your feedback is greatly appreciated,

--The WinHEC Team



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