Securing remote connection to Azure infrastructure using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Howdy Folks! I was working on a proposed Architecture for Secured Remote Access to the Azure Vnet from internet without the need for assigning public IPs to the Azure VMs and have Multi factor Authentication on top of AD Authentication only for authorized users and desktops. Hence, thought of writing a quick blog about it….

Issues with environment and package deployments that are triggered through LCS

Starting yesterday 14th December 2017 at 04:59:52.3581549 UTC, customers began experiencing failures for environment and package deployment requests submitted through Lifecycle Services for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition environments. We have identified and fixed the issue that was causing the deployments to fail. We are actively monitoring the status of the deployments and can confirm…

Unable to load environment message on Dynamics 365 on-premises environments that are deployed through LCS

As of Thursday, December 14, 2017, customers that have purchased Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition on-premises will see the message “Unable to load environment” next to the on-premises environments listed in Lifecycle Services. This warning message is displayed for each environment, whether it has been deployed, in a Dynamics 365 on-premises project….

Export SCOM Rule and Monitor Knowledge Articles with PowerShell

  Export-SCOMKnowledge.ps1 : Download at TechNet Gallery This will output workflow information (including Knowledge Article content) to an HTML report or CSV file. Script accepts one or more (or all) management pack objects as input. Can export from SCOM using the SDK connection OR from management pack files. Report Example Usage Examples All Active Directory…

Updating Visual Studio generated proxy classes for EWS development.

Something I would like to highlight are issues with generated proxy classes for EWS development. We support Visual Studio generated proxy classes for EWS development – no other proxy generated classes are supported for EWS development.  I’m going to provide some basic information so that you have a starting point for cases involving EWS proxy…

About: Exchange service XSD and WSDL

Some developers use tools which work against XSD and WSDL.  Here is some information on the subject. The XSD is updated per EWS version: EWS schema versions in Exchange      It’s best to pull it from your own server to use with your application – it’s really easy to do this.  You can get the…

Slide Show with Small Basic

I made two programs that have slide show effects written in Small Basic. One is just slide. The program ID is NFR093. The other one is like shutter.  The program ID is RPZ071. Note that these programs can’t run with Silverlight because of using ImageList. Do you have another idea for slide show effects?

Intermittent performance degradation and failures in South Brazil region – 12/15 – Mitigated

Final Update: Friday, December 15th 2017 23:40 UTC We’ve confirmed that all systems are back to normal as of 19:40 UTC after the additional capacity has been added to our application tiers. During the incident, customers in South Brazil might have experienced degraded performance. We will continue to work with partners in Azure to fully…

[Advent Calendar 2017 Day15] Azure Web Apps お役立ち PowerShell スクリプトいろいろ

  こちらの記事は、Qiita に掲載した Microsoft Azure Tech Advent Calendar 2017 の企画に基づき、執筆した内容となります。 カレンダーに掲載された記事の一覧は、こちらよりご確認ください。   こんにちは。Azure サポートの板垣です。 今回は、Azure Web Apps の管理 API 呼び出しを行う、PowerShell スクリプトのサンプルをご紹介します。 情報採取やトラブルシューティングのために実行する他、Azure Functions や Web Jobs でスクリプトを実行することで、自動運用を実現するようなこともできます。是非ともご参考ください。 # Azure PowerShell のインストール方法につきましては、Azure PowerShell 最新版のインストール手順 もご参考ください。   API の認証方法 PowerShell を使って Azure Web Apps を管理する方法として、Azure PowerShell を使う方法と、Azure Web Apps の管理サービスである Kudu サイト ( で提供される API を使用する方法があります。 Azure Power…

‘Imagine If’ with EduConnect – 20th December 2017

EduConnect is a cross-company initiative comprised of a team of Microsoft UK interns from all over the business, under the tutelage of Craig Parker, the Microsoft UK Education Partner Lead. Together, they share a collective desire to empower children to get into coding and STEM. One key focus of the EduConnect team is to train other Microsoft employees so that they can run sessions in their local schools that include coding activities, micro:bit projects and STEM initiatives. The team also visit schools themselves, running activities on-site, recently marked Ada Lovelace day by putting on events and activities throughout October, engaging over 300 children.