DirectX Compiler APIs

If you are used to building HLSL with fxc.exe, your build process can now use dxc.exe to compile shaders with the new DirectX Shader compiler. This is convenient for standalone projects. Games, middleware and asset pipelines will often have a need to do this multiple times and/or from source code that doesn’t exist as a file…

Hinting Font Variation fonts in VTT 6.2

The latest version of VTT, (6.20) allows for the easy addition of hinting to Variable Fonts. There are two main new additions to the UI, to facilitate this. Download VisualTrueType 6.20. Variation Window. The Variation window shows you the current selected glyph outline and hints, (just like in the Main window) for the selected variable font instance….

Large Australian Energy Company Modernizes SAP Applications & Moves to Azure Public Cloud

This blog is a technical overview of a project recently completed by a large Australian Energy Company (the Company) over the past 12 months to transform the Company’s SAP Solution from an End of Life HPUX/Oracle platform to a modern SQL Server 2016 solution running on the Azure Public Cloud. This blog focuses on the…

TypeScript’s New Release Cadence

One of the things we love about the TypeScript community is the enthusiasm around new features and rapid adoption of new TypeScript releases. Because of this, we have been focusing on increasing the velocity and consistency of TypeScript releases so that you can get your hands on the latest features even more quickly and predictably….

Azure GPU Tensorflow Step-by-Step Setup

  This guide will walk you through running your code on GPUs in Azure. Before we start, it cannot be stressed enough: do not leave the VM running when you are not using it. The expected time from start to finish is 1-2 hours. The most time consuming part will be downloading and installing NVIDIA…

Azure Deep Dive の資料を公開しています。

こんにちは!エバンジェリストの大田です! 僕らのチームでは、以下のような目的のために Azure Deep Dive というイベントを開催しています(だいたい3か月ごと)。 既にAzureを使っている人がもっと Deep に知ることができる Azureを使っている人が新しい製品を知れる 招待制のイベントではありますが、資料は公開されているのでこの記事でも紹介します。

Join the Xamarin Marathon – A developer community initiative to help you to master cross-platform mobile apps development

A twelve-week community initiative supported by Microsoft Developer Experience & Evangelism Group (DX) ranging from March thru June. Take part in the trainings Anyone can join it: students, professional developers and enthusiasts. Attend online trainings about mobile apps dev., publish an app to receive an accomplishment certificate recognizing their efforts. By the time they finish this…

Send email on App Service using PHP Mailer and O365

This is a Proof of Concept to send email using the PHP Mailer library and 0365.   From the PHPMailer GitHub site, follow the “Minimal installation” section and download class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php. Copy-paste the code from “A Simple Example” section or use the following: <?php require ‘class.phpmailer.php’; require ‘class.smtp.php’; $mail = new PHPMailer; //$mail->SMTPDebug =…

Microsoft Edge may fail to launch desktop applications

I am Hari from the Internet Explorer Core team. In this blog, we will discuss a scenario involving Microsoft EDGE and Skype for Business. SCENARIO: Skype for business does not launch when you click on the “Join the meeting” option from outlook. PROCESS: Here are the steps the user normally takes to launch Skype client….

Schulen und Universitäten sparen jetzt noch einmal bis zu 100€ beim Kauf eines Surface Pro 4

Das Surface Pro 4 ermöglicht Pädagogen eine völlig neue Arbeitsweise. Sie sind nicht länger an ihre Schreibtische gebunden und können so Schüler besser ansprechen, mehr Leben ins Klassenzimmer bringen und optimale Ergebnisse erzielen. Lehrer, Studenten und Schüler lieben die Arbeit mit Surface-Geräten. Sie sind intuitiv, lassen sich einfach verwalten und bieten an jedem Ort sofortigen…