HDInsight にデータを取り込む方法

Microsoft Japan Data Platform Tech Sales Team 高木 英朗   過去 2 回にわたる記事で HDInsight を簡単に使ってみる方法を紹介しました。 Microsoft Azure の Hadoop ディストリビューション HDInsight を使ってみよう! (1) Microsoft Azure の Hadoop ディストリビューション HDInsight を使ってみよう! (2) 前回は HDInsight に付属のサンプルデータを使用してクエリを実行しましたが、今回はどのようにしてHDInsightにデータを取り込むことができるかを紹介します。

In a changing market we now offer a broader spectrum of topics

Hello folks, given the fact that the relationship between Microsoft and SAP widened in integrations and touch points of technology, we also decided to widen the topics we are covering in this blog. As we started this blog around 10 years ago, the focus of the team that writes the blog circled around SAP using…

Tips to handle live tile update in background task

When implementing a UWP application, a separate background task could be used to update live tile. In this post, I am going to cover some scenarios that tile update doesn’t work or doesn’t work as expected, hope this can save your troubleshooting time. If any template with image in TileTemplateType such as TileSquare150x150PeekImageAndText01, is used…

Office 365 E5 Nuggets of week 42

Spent 3 days of this week at Microsoft Partner Conference #DPK16 in Bremen, 2nd largest MSFT Conference after WPC with > 1700 attendees and 120 sessions. Check out these keynote videos (German) Here is my Twitter Storify Summary Office 365 news roundup | Official Blogpost How the Office 365 U.S. Government Cloud meets the regulatory and…

How to make a startup page in Node.JS

In a typical Node.JS project you may have many JavaScript files. And running them from your command prompt you may need to explicitly type the name of the file. $ node app.js Instead in development we can get rid of this by creating startup page. To do that we need to add a line in…

Node.JS Editor Bracket

While I was trying to find the editor for JavaScript Development, I found this Bracket. This is an Open Source Editor from Adobe and comes with many useful extensions. You may download it from http://brackets.io/ Here are the few extensions I have configured You may try them out. Namoskar!!!

2016 年 10 月 SQL Server 最新モジュール

2016 年 10月 19日 時点の SQL Server 最新モジュールです。 SQL Server 2005 は 2016 年 4 月 12 日に延長サポートが終了しました。長らくのご愛用ありがとうございました。 SQL Server 2008 は 2014 年 7 月 8 日にメインストリームサポートが終了しました。 サービス パック 更新プログラム バージョン リリース年月 SQL Server 2016 RTM KB 3182270 (CU2) 13.0.2164.0 2016/9 メインストリームサポート SQL Server 2014 SP2 KB 3188778 (CU2) 12.0.5522.0 2016/10 メインストリームサポート SQL Server…

Happy Birthday Small Basic – The 8th Anniversary

Can you read the message on the LCD in this photo?  Happy Birthday, Small Basic! Today’s Small Basic program is ‘ Send Text to Serial Port ‘ Version 0.1 ‘ Copyright © 2016 Nonki Takahashi. The MIT License.   TextWindow.Title = “Send Text to Serial Port” Init() While “True”   txt = TextWindow.Read()   LDCommPort.TXString(txt + LF)…


Access Issues with Visual Studio Team Services Artifacts – 10/21 – Resolved

Final Update: Sunday, 23 October 2016 01:38 UTC We have mitigated all previously reported problems with Work Items TFVC and Git as of 23 October 2016 01:30 UTC. A very small subset of Visual Studio Team Service accounts might experience issues assigning work items to newly added users. Mitigation for these accounts is still in progress….

Build Bot with Voice (Skype)

With Skype, you can build calling (voice) bot using Microsoft Bot Framework. This post shows you the essence of this voice communication bot.