Hosting Python packages in Azure DevOps

What I wanted to accomplish here was simply to create a redistributable Python package. Also show some of the practices on how to work with Python in a Windows environment, but I could not stop there.
I went ahead and built a complete CI/CD pipeline for the package, showing how easy it is and how well Python projects integrate with Azure DevOps.

Lesson Learned #65: Azure SQL Database – Using Read Scale Out option

Today, I worked on a service request when our customer is using the option to Scale Out to connect to the secondary replicas without creating Geo-Replication. Right now, in Premium and vCore database Tier we have the option to connect to the secondary replicas that we have for our database in read only mode. See this…

Lesson Learned #64: Azure SQL Database – ‘The type ‘xml’ is not supported with external tables for sharded data.’

Hello, I worked on a case that our customer tried to use an external table to retrieve data and they got the error: ‘The type ‘xml’ is not supported with external tables for sharded data.’ They followed the steps provided on our previous article . The error message is expected because as we could see in this…

Scaling STEM education in one of the world’s largest school jurisdictions

Abstract In one of the largest school jurisdictions in the world, Microsoft technology provides the backbone for an innovative program to spark students’ excitement for STEM. In New South Wales, Australia, teachers and administrators turned to Microsoft solutions to solve a fundamental challenge: connecting students’ love of technology to a STEM curriculum that will prepare…

Updated SharePoint Patterns and Practices graphics presentation

Here’s an updated graphics presentation with >70 reusable slides on SharePoint Online and on-premises topics for you to reuse anyway you prefer. No need for permissions or references, feel free to reuse anyway and anywhere you prefer. Link to the presentation – This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. “Sharing…

Released: SSRS2017+ Management Pack with Power BI Reporting Server Support (

We are happy to announce that an update to SQL Server Reporting Services 2017+ Management Pack is released. This update introduces Power BI Report Server monitoring capabilities to the existing SSRS MP. It considers Power BI Report Server as a special kind of SSRS and provides the same monitoring for PBIRS instances as it does for SSRS instances….

Recreate dropped database on Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Database – Managed Instance is fully-managed PaaS service that provides advanced disaster-recovery capabilities. Even if you accidentally drop the database or someone drops your database as part of security attack, Managed Instance will enable you to easily recover the dropped database.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective IT Leaders

What do the best IT leaders do that others don’t? There are several habits and practices that separate the highly effective IT leaders from the ineffective leaders. But there are 7 habits in particular that really differentiate the best of the best. Here are the 7 habits of highly effective IT leaders: Habit #1. Focus…

Microsoft Roslyn in the Real World

Pokud se zajímáte o Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform – Roslyn, nenechte si ujít úterní Meetup v Impact Hubu. Buri