Update on Sysdev EV Certificate requirement

Microsoft has previously communicated that it would be requiring Extended Validation (EV) certificates to be used when a submission is being made to the Hardware Developer Portal, also known as Sysdev, 90 days after Windows 10 RTM.  We would like to announce a policy change.  As of October 31, 2015, your Sysdev account must have at least one EV certificate associated with it and you can sign with either your EV certificate or your existing standard certificates until May 1, 2016.  After May 1, 2016, you would need to use the EV certificate to sign the package that is being submitted to Sysdev. 

Comments (7)

  1. LeeV says:

    Hi, is there away to  sign the .hckx and hlkx. files from the command line?  If so can you provide the steps?  Thanks.

  2. Gary Pai says:


    How do I "associate" my Sysdev account with my EV certificate?

    Does Sysdev automatically "associate" my account with my EV certificate contained in EV signed submission?


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  4. Mad says:

    So you're forcing people to purchase EV certificates, just to use their NON-EV certificates? Literally just a complete money pit for no reason.

  5. Cost says:


    I've built a KMDF driver that I intend to open source. It adds some good functionality to windows. I just can't afford an EV certificate. What are my options?

  6. - says:

    @Cost: You can ask the ReactOS Foundation if they want to sign your (open source) driver. http://www.reactos.org/…/Driver_Signing

  7. Heldai says:


    we have a lot of Virtual build machines using a buildforge infrastructure to build our driver. We had SHA-1 certificate installed on all build machines, but now we have only one USB token, what can I do in this case ?

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