Windows Hardware Lab Kit build 10240 required after October 31, 2015

Released alongside Windows 10, the Windows Hardware Lab Kit is an all-purpose test and measure kit to help you determine how well your hardware interacts with Windows.

You can download the latest version of the HLK from the following location:

The Windows Developer center dashboard will accept Windows 10 HLK submissions with preview HLK releases until October 31, 2015, after which you must use HLK build 10240 for submissions.



HLK build 10240 appears in the list of installed programs (Control Panel -> Programs and Features) as version 10.0.26624.

The full build number is 10.0.10240.26624. You can confirm that this version is installed by examining PackageInfo.XML inside of a package file (.hlkx), following the instructions below:

  • Using WinZip or 7-Zip, open the .hlkx package
  • Navigate to \hck\data\, and open the PackageInfo.XML file with a text editor
  • The first line should contain the following:  KitVersion="10.0.10240.26624"

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