Updated HCK QFE 13 (8.100.26984) for Windows 8.1 now available

This update fixes various signing issues.

To get the latest QFEs for the Windows HCK, run HCKSetup.exe. The Windows HCK download includes all previous QFE updates.

Download and install HCK to get the QFE

Note: Before applying the QFE, close all active HCK Studio sessions. Applying this QFE might affect in-progress submissions, so please complete any submissions before applying the QFE. After installing this QFE, you'll need to regenerate any affected submission that was generated before the QFE was installed.

Comments (1)

  1. Mfrapms says:

    The previous QFE013 "released" was causing an issue in all of my x64 clients. I still don't know why, I was unable to install it and the application was returning me a message: "System Error 1603: Fatal error during installation". I've tried some things even performing a full clean up of my server, before gave up and install the previous HCK with QFE012. Fortunately, I've backup from december 2014. I hope this release solve that issue too.

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