HCK QFE 13 for Windows 8.1 now available

For information about QFE updates, see Windows Hardware Certification Kit QFE Updates.

To get the latest QFEs for the Windows HCK, run HCKSetup.exe. The Windows HCK download includes all previous QFE updates.

Learn what's in the QFE

Download and install HCK to get the QFE

Note: Before applying the QFE, close all active HCK Studio sessions. Applying this QFE might affect in-progress submissions, so please complete any submissions before applying the QFE. After installing this QFE, you'll need to regenerate any affected submission that was generated before the QFE was installed.

Comments (2)

  1. Steve G. says:

    I was passing certification without any issues with qfe 12, and with qfe 13, I fail the installable file system filter test… EVEN WHEN MY DRIVER IS NOT LOADED!!!

    On top of that, if I install QFE 13 on a client that did not have anything installed, I have to reboot that client in "do not require signature enforcment" so that one of your drivers can install…

    Anyhow, if anyone has a second to look into those issues, it would be nice:

    svg4321 at gmail dot com

  2. usr says:

    I ran HCKSetup on the server to get this QFE, and lost communication with all x86 clients.  After uninstalling the older HCK clients and running the installer for the new version of client, Windows complains about an invalid signature on a driver being installed.  x64 appears to be ok (no signature error), and the x86 clients appear to be working despite the invalid signature.  Will this create problems when I go to submit a package?

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