HLK Compatibility Program Playlist Update

The Windows Hardware Compatibility Program uses an official playlist to determine which devices meet the requirements for compatibility with Windows 10. We have an updated playlist with the following changes:

Test name Change comment
TCPIP offload engine stress tests Test removed
TCPIP offload engine logo verification (Windows Server 2008 R2) Test removed
H264 Benchmark Test #852 Test removed
H264 Benchmark Test #853 Test removed
Bluetooth - Scatternet (Development and Integration) Test removed
H264 Benchmark Test #851 Test removed
WDDM CCD Test for Forced Projection Test removed
Audio Logo Test - Glitch (System) Test removed
WLAN Test - Toggle airplane mode Test being added to ensure parity between system and device testing. System level test already on version 1.0 playlist.
DF - Device Driver INF Verification Test Adding test to playlist, as fix coming in future release. This test will also support the fast track program.

Note, you will need to download the latest errata filters for an errata for the DF – Device Driver INF Verification Test if you are running tests from build 10075 of the HLK.

The latest playlist is optional and can be download the latest playlist here.

Comments (7)

  1. Wistron Katy says:

    We have few questions..

    1. By referring to the statement of this article–>The latest playlist is optional and can be download the latest playlist here. We'd like to know for system or device level compatibility program, it's acceptable to use Playlist v1.0 or v1.1 for submission, right? If not, what's the "optional" means?

    2. According to MS information, HLK version and OS build version should be same after HLK RC released. We'd like to know the Playlist v1.1 should be applied on which version of HLK. Is there any rules need to be followed for Compatibility Program submissions?

    3. Before HLK RTM released, will the Playlist keep updating?

  2. d-gojo says:

    It seems, there aren't tests for filter.driver.WindowsFilteringPlatform.

    Isn't WFP test be supplied?

  3. bags says:

    I am testing keyboard driver and few test are failing..if i apply the compatibility list most of the test gets removed. Can we submit package with removed test for certification? Doubt is why the test where there in first place and why it is not removed originally from HLK

  4. paul_Reed55 says:

    Hi D-gojo,

    That is accurate, with the builds currently available there are no tests that are mapped to the feature Filter.Driver.WindowsFilteringPlatform.  We do not have any dates that we can share if tests will be added for that feature.  Please stay tuned to this blog for the latest information.

  5. paul_Reed55 says:

    Hi Bags,

    What you are seeing is the accurate behavior.  The Hardware Lab Kit includes many more tests than those that are used for certification.  The playlist filters out those tests which are not required for the Windows 10 compatibility program.  However those extra tests may be of value to you or other partners, which is why they are included in the HLK.  it is to help you evaluate your overall readiness.



  6. Dilip Marar says:

    This is an extension to the question by Bags.

    I do see the WindowsFitleringtests for one of my filter drivers but on loading the playlist all the tests get removed?

    Does that mean that the WindowsFilteringPlatformtests are not mandatory for my driver to certified by MS for Windows 10?

  7. Celia says:

    "Optional" means if you download other playlist, the latest playlist may not be necessary for your product.

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