HCK QFE 09 for Windows 8.1 now available

For information about QFE updates, see Windows Hardware Certification Kit QFE Updates.

To get the latest QFEs for the Windows HCK, run HCKSetup.exe. The Windows HCK download includes all previous QFE updates.

Learn what's in the QFE

Download and install HCK to get the QFE

Download the QFE now

Note: Before applying the QFE, close all active HCK Studio sessions. Applying this QFE might affect in-progress submissions, so please complete any submissions before applying the QFE. After installing this QFE, you'll need to regenerate any affected submission that was generated before the QFE was installed.

Comments (5)

  1. bchen1 says:

    I would like to check if the QFE 009 fix the issue in HCK for the TPM relative test case. The issue exists in QFE 007 and QFE 008,




  2. bigi says:

    grazie per aiuto

  3. Paulo Giuliani says:

    Please, Does it solve Trim performance issue on x86 Windows 8.1 platform?

    Thanks a Lot.

  4. frank says:

    If QFE 009 has resloved  issue about merge *.hckx file

  5. Ricard says:

    Yes frank, QFE 009 fixed issue merging hckx.

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