HCK QFE 008 for Windows 8.1 has been removed from the Download Center

HCK 2.1 QFE 008 introduced a bug that has had a widespread impact for customers trying to re-package or merge an .hckx package.

How do I know if this bug is affecting me?

If you’ve created a package with QFE 008 and are attempting to re-save or merge that package, you might encounter this issue. Failures will appear as this HCK Studio exception:

System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: inArray

Help! I’ve already installed QFE 008 and I need to merge and/or re-package my .hckx files

QFE009 contains fixes for the packaging error and is available on the HCK download page.

Comments (19)

  1. Mudit Garg says:

    I need the QFE005 urgently. Is it possible to get pevious QFE versions now? If possible please provide the link for downloading QFE005. I have the HCKSetup.exe file of it , but I'm not able to download it.

  2. Mudit Garg says:

    One more query I have, MSFT won't accept the logs which ran on QFE008 kit or we can submit the cert logs which ran using QFE008 kit?

  3. Leon says:

    Following the above instructions of copying the files. When load Studio with QFE007 I received an error "FAILED to connect to database. Failed to connect to OM.

  4. sarangabani says:

    QFE 7 version and link mentioned in the caution is wrong Please change. Latest QFE for 8.1 RTM is QFE Update 007 (Build ID: 8.100.26631)

  5. Veera says:

    I have completed testing with QFE 008, now i have to merge all the QFE 008 packages as one, I followed the steps provided above and used QFE 007 to create package but still I see the same error, please advice on this because, I have to merge and perform submission.

  6. Jan says:

    We followed the steps provided above and we also still see the same error.

    Please advise.

  7. Marco says:

    We followed also the steps provided above, but we see the same error.

    What's the right solution?

  8. paul_Reed55 says:

    For those of you who are attempting to use qFE008 and having an issue creating the package, our support team at Sysdev@microsoft.com is able to assist you in trying to create a package to submit.  

  9. paul_Reed55 says:

    Hi Mudit Garg,

    Yes, we will accept your submission using QFE0008.

    Best regards,


  10. JasonAdams says:


    This error would occur if you did not also follow all of the steps required to install and use an HCK Remote Studio, please see this topic for more detail;


    @Veera, @Jan, @Marco

    It is possible you missed one of the steps described, as there are several steps here and if not done precisely, will still lead to an error.  I will add that it is important to remember you are creating new packages from your HCK Controller, at no point will you be able to use any previously created QFE008 packages while following these workaround steps.  Also, for Step 5 above, you will be prompted to upgrade your HCK Studio, you can safely ignore this message and skip updating your HCK Studio.



  11. Veera says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the reply, but if we follow the steps, we encounter this issue "FAILED to connect to database. Failed to connect to OM." also the kit did not prompt to any upgrade.

  12. Allen Shorey says:

    I have just completed a windows 8.1 system package and a windows 7 system package from the same machine.  I was able to create the signed submission packages for both win 8.1 and win 7.  Do I need to merge them to submit for certification?    When I try to merge on another Studio I get the same error as every one else. ("FAILED to connect to database. Failed to connect to OM.")  I tried to follow the suggestion that you gave to LEON, but was not able to add the machineaccount.  I kept getting the error that the windows nt user or group could not be found.

  13. Allen Shorey says:

    I was finally able to connect to the database on the controller.  I had to create a local admin account on the controller.  I then added that account to the HCK Manager like you told LEON.  I then went to the system that I had just loaded the studio on and searched for the controller machine.  I then logged into the account I had just made.  It them allowed me to loaded the projects in the new studio.  I then tried to merge the two packages and it made it about half way through the merge and then told me that the studio had a critical error and would be stop.  I then save the error to a readme.  The beginning of the error files says something about "System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null."  after I save it closes the studio.

  14. Jan says:

    We were also able to connect to the database. We just created two accounts with the same name and password and added that account to the HCK Manager.

    For some reason, we were not able to sign the packages on HCK QFE007 (HCK crashes but the certificate is present in the certificate store), so we opened the projects and created unsigned packages on HCK QFE007. Merging the package on QFE007 and sign it on QFE008 was given errors when going for submission, therefore we transfered the unsigned packages from HCK QFE007 to HCK QFE008 and merged them to 1 signed package.

  15. Allen Shorey says:

    I was able to do the same as Jan.  Make 2 unsigned packages from QFE007 and then Merge and Sign them in QFE008.  I was also able to submit them to Microsoft with no issues.  

  16. sirish says:

    We have encounter "FAILED to connect to database. Failed to connect to OM." issue after trying to merge the packages with QFE 007.  Now we tried to updated to merge with QFE 009 which was releases on May 13, 2014, will this QFE 009 having the fix for the issues found in QFE 008. Please let me know what are the changes done in QFE 009 with respect to Package merging.

  17. Mudit Garg says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for confirming. Please tell me the way to download the QFE005



  18. JasonAdams says:

    @sirish, RE: QFE009

    We have released QFE009, it contains all of the fixes in QFE008 and also addresses the packaging issues for QFE008.  Using QFE009 will allow you to save/merge any previously created packages, including those created with QFE008.



  19. sirish says:

    @Jason, I downloaded the setup file for QFE009 from "msdn.microsoft.com/…/dn284526.aspx URL. If I run this setup file, it connects to the internet and then starts installing from website. Is there any URL where I can download the complete standalone setup of QFE009 and install in the systems which are not connected to internet.



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