Self-test submission model for touch device and precision touchpad certification

On January 1, 2014, the touch device and precision touchpad (PTP) certification program enabled a self-test submission model. Partners can now submit touch devices and precision touchpads for certification without sending hardware to WTTL/WPTL for full-test validation. We believe the self-test submission model will provide predictable submission turnaround time as well as standardized submission review criteria that are based on the provided submission test logs (HCKX logs). A certified THQA Blob will be granted when the submitted logs are validated.

The WTTL/WPTL full-test service will still be available as a certification path. We strongly recommend that you continue use the WTTL/WPTL service as part of development validation to ensure consistency in testing touch and PTP quality. WTTL/WPTL services will remain free of charge.

For more information about the process changes, see these documents:

· Windows Touch Device Certification Processes and Windows Touch Test Lab (WTTL) Service

· Windows Precision Touchpad Certification Process

Touch and PTP certification FAQs

What are the permissible ways to integrate a PTP?

A PTP module can be integrated into any system (clamshell or convertible) or dock accessory that also has an integrated keyboard. Standalone external PTP modules can’t currently be submitted.

I’m an OEM, and I’m building a dock accessory with an integrated PTP module. The dock is compatible with multiple systems, and the IHV submitted the dock with one of the supported systems. Do the other systems need to be submitted for certification?

No, the other systems don’t need to be submitted for device certification because each system is using the same module. We strongly recommended that the system certification tests be performed on all systems that can interface with the dock accessory.

I’m an IHV, and I’ve received device certification for a touch stack up module or a PTP module. I have multiple customers for the module, and each customer’s system requires different firmware. Do I need a separate device submission for each system into which the touch stack up or PTP module will be integrated?

Yes, if your architecture requires unique firmware for each integration project, the module must be certified with each firmware version. The module’s VID/PID will remain the same, but its revision ID is different for each project.

Upon resubmission of the updated firmware, you can continue to use the previously issued certified BLOB once the resubmission is approved. WTTL/WPTL will not be issuing new THQA BLOBs for resubmissions in this scenario.

I’m an IHV, and I’ve received device certification for a touch stack up module or a PTP module. I have multiple customers for the modules. If one customer wants a slightly smaller touch stack up or PTP, do I need a separate device submission for each customer?

Yes, a change in sensor size represents a new module and requires a new device submission, even if the controller and associated firmware remains constant. WTTL/WPTL will issue new THQA BLOB once the submission is approved.

When I have recertified the touch stack up or PTP module at the device level, do I need to recertify at the system level as well?

Yes, the system level tests must be run with the recertified module to ensure that the integration of the recertified module is successful. The passing system HCK results must be submitted.

What are the rules for third-party drivers and operating system build?

Touch/PTPs must function without any third-party drivers, except for I2C devices that might require GPIO and I2C controller drivers to function. These drivers are permissible and, if needed for device certification, should be submitted together with the system because the operating system will be clean-installed upon receipt.

Comments (5)

  1. TY says:


    I wonder if there is any criteria for proceeding self-test submission or full-test submission?



  2. Andy_Wen says:


    As long as the device can pass requirements, it'd be eligible for self-test submission.



  3. Tina says:


    PT3 need to use 7mm diameter contacts; however, there is no mention of the same required for RA.

    May I know does RA need to use 7mm diameter contacts, too?



  4. Hello,

    We don't have specific requirement for Touch in this case.



  5. Vinothks says:


    How do we get the THQA binary blob for the touch driver. Does it comes along with the signed files once we get the certification ? Does this require separate request after certification ?



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