Windows Hardware Certification requirement changes effective January 1, 2014

This post provides an update to the September 17, 2013, Windows requirements publication on MSDN. The below requirement changes are intended to relax the Windows 8.1 system and device requirements and give our partners greater flexibility in designing and differentiating their tablet and PC products in 2014.

It’s important to understand that the changes remove or modify the specific requirements listed under the summary of changes only. (See tables below.) All other requirements will remain as before to support device interoperability, compatibility with Windows, and app platform consistency. The tests associated with these removed or modified requirements will remain in the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) to aid in the testing and measurement of your system’s quality. We’ll provide a set of HCK filters by January 1, 2014, to help you achieve the passing result needed for certification.

We’ve made these requirement changes to give you greater flexibility in bringing to market systems that customers demand. We encourage our partners to do the due diligence to understand the implications of these changes, especially the ones related to user experience. Additionally, these changes have no effect on any of the existing system designs that our partners have built for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 platforms.

Device requirements - summary of changes


Change type















System requirements - summary of changes


Change type











































The current requirement documents (pdf and web versions) can be found here: Windows Hardware Certification Requirements.

Comments (30)

  1. Lei Gu says:

    This is a big change. Do you have plan to provide something like training, video or PPT as a summary of what has been changed?

  2. paul_Reed55 says:

    Hi Lei,

    I the article above, along with at the beginning of the certification document is a change list.  Most of the updates are requirements that are being removed.  If you have any specific questions about the updates, please post your question here or if there maybe sensitive information involved, you can always contact our email alias at  

  3. Pan Lei says:

    In this update version,i'm confused below requirement:



    For Win8,if 720P Cam is required?

  4. paul_Reed55 says:

    Hi Pan,

    I think you are asking two questions, one is whether a webcam is required and what is its minimum resolution.  

    First the requirement System.Fundamentals.Graphics.InternalDisplay.Webcam stated that any system with an integrated display must have a webcam.  We have removed this requirement.  It is the system builders choice as to where and when they want to build a system with a webcam.  So if a camera is implemented then certain requirements apply.

    The next change is around System.Client.Webcam.Specification.CameraRequirements.  We are no longer stating what the minimum resolution is for an integrated camera.  This is where there is choice and the system designer should keep in mind what end users might want and where you plan to compete at.  

  5. stojkovic says:

    >Device requirements – summary of changes

    >Device.Audio.Base.Fidelity Removed

    Device Audio Fidelity Test would be unconditionally "Passed" with the HCK filters after January 1, 2014?

    According to HCK help, Audio Fidelity Test is based on 2 requirements,  Device.Audio.Base.Fidelity and Device.Audio.Base.DCOffset. The latter is NOT removed and still remains..

  6. Andy_Wen says:

    For Audio Fidelity Test, we created manual errata 4568 which will become effective on Jan 1st, 2014. By referencing this manual errata in the submission readme file, it will allow not running the test.

  7. stojkovic says:

    >Andy_Wen Wed, Dec 18 2013 3:32 AM #

    >For Audio Fidelity Test, we created manual errata 4568 which will become effective on Jan 1st, 2014. By >referencing this manual errata in the submission readme file, it will allow not running the test.

    Hi, Andy

    Thank you for your reply!

  8. Gary Pai says:

    Hi Paul Reed55,

    It's wired that you were stating that "System.Fundamentals.Graphics.InternalDisplay.WebCam" has been removed.

    But this requirement is not mentioned in "summary of changes" of this article;

    and it is still there in current requirement documents (both pdf and web version, I've just checked)

    Please clarify.

  9. Steve Leo says:

    Hi Andy,

    AW> For Audio Fidelity Test, we created manual errata 4568 which will become effective on Jan 1st, 2014. By AW> referencing this manual errata in the submission readme file, it will allow not running the test.

    Does the Errata #4568 for audio device and system category both?

    Does the Errata #4568 for Win8.1 only or it for all OS (Win8.1/Win8/Win7/Vista) ?



  10. Jbojo says:


    "For Audio Fidelity Test, we created manual errata 4568 which will become effective on Jan 1st, 2014. By referencing this manual errata in the submission readme file, it will allow not running the test."

    Question, Can you tell me which OS’s this applies to and the Reviewers notes so that we can enter this into our tracking tool.



  11. Andy_Wen says:

    We created two errata for Audio specific tests

    Fidelity Test (Manual) – Certification – Errata 4568

    Communications Audio Fidelity Test (Manual) – Certification – Errata 3314

    Both errata are applicable for all OS (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and etc) and they will cover both Device level and System level testing.

    Tips: We will have filter for each of them and the filter will cover all test failures. If test fails for any reasons, failures will be covered by filter after applying the filter to the package. In this scenario, test result will be overturned automatically and you won’t need to document the above IDs in the submission readme file.

    If you choose not to run the tests at all, please remember to reference both 4568 and 3314 in the submission readme file.

  12. Steve Leo says:


    Thanks for your reply.


  13. Kathleen Borden says:

    Hi Andy,

    Why was "System.Fundamentals.Firmware.UEFIPostTime" removed?

    Thank you,


  14. Raven Mill says:

    Fedilty Test is gone forever? I will truely miss that vioce of ticktocking and abstractionism animations 🙂

  15. Steve Leo says:

    Hi Andy,

    I cannot finds any information about "Fidelity Test (Manual) – Certification – Errata 4568" from…/EC

    Could you please help to check it's works in latest HCK filter?

    Thanks, Steve

  16. Mudit Garg says:

    what changes made to Device.Network.LAN.SRIOV.SRIOV. where we can check the details of modification and in which HCK kit  QFE version it's going to be effective?



  17. Andy_Wen says:

    Audio Fidelity is no longer required to run, but we do plan to keep the test in the kit as optional in the future. Since we have received many suggestions to keep the test for the ones who want to use it.

    As regarding to Errata 4568 filter, it will be available to download after shortly. (7 PM on 01/06/2014).

  18. Son VoBa says:

    About Device.Network.LAN.SRIOV.SRIOV…

    The minimum bounds of physical and virtual functions, queues, MAC filters and optional VLAN IDs are no longer imposed for either 10GbE or GbE NICs.

    The relevant certification tests are being updated and will be available in a future QFE release of the kit to reflect this relaxation.  In the meantime, if your certified device does not meet these parameters, the submission will be reviewed and manual filters will be applied as appropriate.  Please reference this blog post in your submission to expedite this manual review step.



  19. Pan Lei says:

    For Windows 8.1 with 0.3M Camera, if we need choose System.Client.Webcam and System.Client.Webcam. Specification in feature selection of HCK Studio ?

    If need, when will release filter for 0.3M failed at HD camera test items in System Category.

    I use 1/17 filter,items still shows failed in Studio

    And another suggestion:In this blog,the question and reply is not one to one.It is not easy to find my question and solution.

  20. FelipeElias says:


    I have some question regarding systems certification. In Windows 8 when we were trying to logo it, we have to  add manually the requirement "System.Fundamentals.StorageAndBoot" and we have just one new test "Crashdump Support Test (LOGO)". If didn't do this the submission appears as "Motherboard" on sysdev. Adding this requirement we have "System" on Sysdev. Now for Windows 8.1 when we add the requirement we have 7 new test and some of them always fails "Connected Standby" and "Storage Performance CS"

  21. Lukasz Bartosz says:

    I have a question regarding Errata 4568 for Fidelity Test.

    With the latest filters on the HCK Controller, I have applied the filters on the package which has a Fidelity Test failed (3 of the inner tests have failed). The test failures were not filtered out.

    I can see that the filter has been published in the latest UpdateFilter.sql. However, comparing UpdateFilters.sql with the wtl log of Fidelity Test revealed some differences. For example, the filter contains following string as the test name "Full-Scale Output Level Test (Raw)", where the wtl test log has "Full-Scale Output Level Test (Exclusive)". This mismatch repeats for all inner tests in Fidelity Test.

    Is the filter for errata 4568 supposed to filter out all failures in Fidelity Test?

    Are these mismatches in test names expected, as they seems to be a reason for the errata not filtering out the failures?

    Thank you,

    Lukasz Bartosz

  22. Andy_Wen says:

    For Errata 4568 filter, it should cover all Fidelity errors.

    We have updated the filter to cover additional scenarios. Please download the filter and give it a try tomorrow.


    Andy Wen

  23. monicalam says:

    When will the new QFE released? for 2014 new feature adding? Thanks

  24. Lukasz Bartosz says:

    > Andy_Wen 23 Jan 2014 12:18 AM #

    > For Errata 4568 filter, it should cover all Fidelity errors.

    > We have updated the filter to cover additional scenarios. Please download the filter and give it a try tomorrow.

    Thank you Andy. All failures in our Fidelity Test are now covered by the filter.

  25. kukucz says:

    Can I not to do Fidelity Test (Manual) ( for Windows 7 & 8.1) and Communications Audio Fidelity Test (Manual) (for Windows 8.1) when I try to get WHQL on desktop level for my computers and use 4568 and 3314 errata in readme file under submission process ?

    I use errata file dated 5 Feb 2014 and Errata 4568 filter don't cover scenario when I don't run Fidelity Test (Manual) or when I import audio logs done on other machine model than system under test.

  26. Andy_Wen says:

    For details of Fidelity and Communication Audio Fidelity errata, please refer to my previous post…/windows-hardware-certification-requirement-changes-effective-january-1-2014.aspx

    The errata filter won't be able to cover "Not Run" scenario, you will need to document the IDs in the submission readme file.



  27. Roger Techima says:

    Dear Andy_Wen, about Errata 4568, I can only apply it in README if I never started the Fildeity Test? Or can I use it after an log importation failure?

    Thanks, Roger.

  28. Roger Techima says:

    Sorry, forget to mention. I updated filters last week, but HCK Studio is not automatically applying 4568 in my Fidelity Test.

    Best regards,


  29. Hello Roger,

    Supposedly, the Fidelity errata filter should apply for any failures within the test, but I'm not very sure if it will work with imported result or not.

    In any cases, you can reference the errata ID in the submission README file, we will take care of the error when submission arrives.

    If you wish to have errata filter masking out the error automatically, I will suggest you to contact Microsoft CSS support.



  30. Ye says:


    We find Errata #1613 will be expired on 2014/12/31. However, since Device.Audio.Base.InAirFidelity is removed and communications audio fidelity test is not required any more, I think the errata's expire date should be extended. Is it right?

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