Errata expiration guidelines

We've updated all active errata filters for the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK).  All active errata that weren't fixed in the test kit are now extended until 12/31/2014. We'll reevaluate all active errata again about 3 months before the new expiration dates. We'll either retire errata or extend the expiration date again, depending on whether fixes are in place for the test issues.

A few errata are set to expire between now and 12/31/2013 by design for delayed enforcement reasons or because fixes were implemented into the next HCK release. Those errata won't be extended again.

You can check the status of all errata any time on the Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard. To narrow down the list, use the filters to view only active, expired, or expiring within 30 days. You can also search by ID and title.

Comments (5)

  1. Stanley Jackson says:

    We need to see the completed detail list of what was extended and what was not.      Next   what is plan to address contingency and manual errata's it's clear MS is not able o resolve many issues and the OEMs may need additional time as well.    

  2. paul_Reed55 says:

    HI Stanley,

    We publish a list of all automated errata and its expiration date off of the Sysdev website.…/ec

    Filters and the website are updated after 6pm on a daily basis.

    As for contingencies.  Contingencies are an agreement to fix an issue.  If an issue needs to be discussed, it is best to get in touch with your Microsoft contact that you work with on the contingency and discuss the status of your issue.

  3. Mike Cao says:

    How about Manual Erratas ?



  4. paul_Reed55 says:

    Hi Mike,

    Not all manual errata are posted to the website I listed above as some errata may be for particular situations.  If you have a question about a specific errata, please go a head and list the errata ID here or contact us directly at and we will get you a response.  

  5. Ludi says:

    For how long are Windows Hardware Certifications good for? And where can I find that info?

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