Online SDK Documentation for Visio and Visio Services

Visio 2010 SDK Developer Documentation

The Visio team is pleased to announce that the online version of the Visio 2010 SDK documentation is now available here. This documentation, which also shipped with the Visio SDK download, is intended to help developers working with the Visio APIs, ShapeSheet and XML. It contains the following Visio developer references.

  • Automation Reference: Provides an overview of Automation in Visio. It includes information about the Visio Object Model, the Visio type library, and extending the functionality of Visio by using macros, add-ons, and COM (Component Object Model) add-ins. A sample Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro is also provided. This reference provides details on Visio objects, properties, methods, and events.
  • Save as Web Reference: Provides an overview of using the Save as Web API with Visio 2010. Details about the Save as Web methods, objects, enums, and properties are provided. The reference also provides a Microsoft Visual Basic example of using the Save as Web Object Model.
  • ShapeSheet Reference: Provides an overview of the ShapeSheet spreadsheet in Visio. The reference includes information about working with formulas, strings, date and time values, units of measure, and information about common ShapeSheet tasks, such as adding and deleting ShapeSheet sections and referencing cells from formulas. It also includes details about each section, row, and cell in a ShapeSheet, and details about ShapeSheet functions.
  • Viewer Reference: Provides an overview of the API for Microsoft Visio 2010 Viewer, which is an ActiveX control that lets you open, view, or print Visio drawings, even if you do not have Visio 2010.
  • XML Schema Reference: Provides an overview of XML for Visio. Detailed information is provided for the XML for Visio schema, inheritance, working with sheets and formulas, geometry, text, loading XML files created outside Visio, round-tripping XML data, embedding custom XML data, units of measure, and errors and warning messages.

Visio Services Developer Documentation in the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SDK

For Visio Services developers, documentation is available online as well as offline via the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SDK. This documentation is divided into Visio Services in SharePoint Server overview articles and Visio Services Class Library technical information, and covers the following topics.

  • Visio Services ECMAScript API: The ECMAScript object model in Visio Services gives you programmatic access to Visio drawings displayed in the Visio Web Access Web Part. We commonly refer to this API as the Visio Services JavaScript Mashup API. The Microsoft SharePoint SDK contains an overview article outlining the various API members, a detailed API member reference for the Vwa namespace , a technical article explaining how to embed code into web part pages as well as some samples showing best practices for programming against the Visio Web Access Web Part.
  • Visio Custom Data Providers: Custom Data Providers permit you to programmatically refresh data derived from custom data sources in Visio 2010 Web drawings hosted on a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 site. The Microsoft SharePoint SDK contains an overview article as well as a detailed API member reference for the Microsoft.Office.Visio.Server namespace: these can be used together to build your own custom Visio Services data providers.

As always, we enjoy hearing your feedback about Visio, the Visio SDK and our documentation. Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions to our blog.

Comments (6)

  1. Geir Ovsttun says:

    The XML Schema Reference provides both an excellent overview and detailed information in a well structured manner.


    The actual XML Schema file i.e. the DatadiagramML.xsd file itself is not available for download.

    Why do I need it:

    I develop model repository tools (in Java) where Visio is one of several end user modelling applications that i need to support. For Visio 2003 I have used the DatadiagramML.xsd (for Visio 2003 the file is avaliable) to autogenerate Java classes using the Apache XMLBeans toolset.

    Can you please provide the DatadiagramML.xsd file for download ?

    This also applies to Visio 2007

  2. kerry thomas says:

    I want to make an application in which the user creates diagrams. Does this SDK allow me to create a windows application, and allow the user to manipulate shapes, connect one shape to another, etc. etc. If so please state precisely what is needed, and order of installation.

  3. Visio Team says:

    Hi Kerry.

    The Visio SDK provides sample applications that might help. If you want your application to run outside of Visio, I suggest looking at the Office Plan Sample Application in the SDK. This sample shows how you can use the Visio 2010 Drawing Control to create an application that takes advantage of the drawing features of Visio 2010 in a Microsoft Windows Form.

    To build such an application, I suggest:

    (1) Visual Studio (2005 or 2008 to view and compile the SDK sample),

    (2) Visio 2010, and

    (3) the Visio SDK.

  4. Henry Adams says:

    Is there a portable version of Visio viewer available?

  5. Alan farmer says:

    To Henry Adams

    You can try VSD Viewer

  6. Visio team says:

    Hi Henry.

    You can download the Visio Viewer here:…/details.aspx

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