Visio 2010 is Available Today!


If you’ve been reading the blog over the past few months, you’ve seen how excited our team is about Visio 2010. Today we are happy to announce that Visio 2010 (and the rest of Office 2010) is available in retail stores and online today. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Technical Preview program, downloaded the Beta, and gave us feedback through the blog or send-a-smile tool. You can get a free trial of Visio 2010 or Office 2010 and purchase them at today!

The Visio Team can answer any questions you have about Visio 2010—just post them in the comments.

Comments (8)

  1. anonymous says:

    What about Visio technical beta testers? I got a copy of Office for being part of the technical beta but I don't want Office but I would like a copy of Visio for being part of its technical beta program.

  2. Toby says:

    I hope Visio 15 includes all of the features that Visio for Enterprise Architects 2005 did (the version based on Visio 2003).

  3. Gary says:

    I have a few .dwg files I would like to use in the Visio environment.  I downloaded the Visio 2007 trial version for testing.  When I insert the CAD drawing I get the error "May not be supported version of the .dwg format".  Do I need another version of Visio?

  4. raphaele C Henri-Bally says:

    I would like to test VIsio but the link to its trial download does not work.

    Could you propose an alternate solution?

    Also , is VISIO2010 compabitlbe with Microsoft Office 2007 main programs?

    Thanks in advance

  5. EllenR says:

    I have Office 2010 and need Visio (I thought I had it). Is there a way to download it?

    Thanks you!

  6. NOD says:

    Totally shocked!!

    Having been using MS software for over 20 years. I have multiple copies of Office Professional 2007 and see absolutely no reason to chuck these on the scrap heap, by purchasing full licenses of Office 2010.

    The reason I am posting this here, is that I was considering upgrading my current Visio Pro 2007, but could not find the upgrade path. Some research online revealed the ugly truth.

    I am sure that the Visio Team is excited to see the launch of Visio 2010, but I for one am not. Nice product, but not worth the full price when I have a full license for 2007.

    Get real Microsoft!! By not providing an upgrade path (even a download one without media) is a kick in the teeth to hitherto loyal customers.

    Come down from your ivory tower, these are hard, cash-strapped times – as a small business I cannot justify purchasing another full copy of Visio for a handful of new features. I would love to hear a business case from one of the team.


  7. Dan says:

    What is the upgrade path for Visio 2003?

  8. NOD says:

    Hi Dan – there isn't one!!!

    Not from 2003, not from 2007, nothing!!!


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