New resources for Visio

Our MVP community has been quite busy creating new resouces for Visio.  We'd like to highlight a few recent releases here.



In response to a newsgroup discussion on Visio's Network Rack shapes. Chris Roth (Visio MVP and former employee) has released a new shape for displaying rack unit dimensions.



Second, the latest version of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Modeler add-in has been released.  To quote from the add-in description: 


"The Microsoft Office Visio 2007 WBS Modeler is intended to improve the project planning process by giving the opportunity to generate Project Plans from a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using a graphical representation of elements.


The Application enables effective integration of Microsoft Office Visio 2007 with Microsoft Office Project 2007. It provides an approach to visually and graphically create, edit and modify project plans using Visio 2007."



Finally, there are new training materials for Visio 2007 solution development.  Here is the summary for the download:


"Gain deeper technical skills around Visio 2007 solution development. The Visio 2007 Solution Development Workshop is a free to download, self paced instructional guide covering the concepts and techniques needed to develop Visio based data visualization solutions. The content of this workshop maps to the main themes of the upcoming Visio MCP examination, makes for an excellent readiness resource and provides partners with the skills to start build data Visualization solutions today."


Comments (5)

  1. Andrei says:


    I’m having the same problem (with th OLE container I’m developing) as the Visio team had here Can you please give me some insights on how you fixed the issue ? 🙂

    Thanks very much!

    Please help!

  2. Jonathan says:

    How does the WBS Modeler compare or relate to the Visio Connector for Project, both of which have been endorsed or developed in cooperation with the Visio team?

  3. David Parker says:

    WBS Modeler is aimed at project managers who want to plan a project using elements, even before these elements have been assigned as tasks.  A project plan can then be created.

    Alternatively, it can be used to display all. or part, of an existing project plan in Visio.

    It can also be used to show the difference between the current project plan and the wbs model in Visio.

    It is a guided diagramming application.

    Having developed the WBS Modeler myself, I would say that it works better than the alternative for the stated use.

  4. John says:

    Any chance that there will be a WBS Modeler update for Visio 2010?

  5. NB says:

    Is there a way to sum children of a parent activity in WBS Modeler in Visio 2010? I haven't created a schedule in Ms Project yet so I'm trying to use Modeler to track big picture costs.  In other words, lets say a parent has 3 child activities.  Each child has an associated cost of say $1,000.  Does WBS Modeler have a way to automatically know that the parent value should then be $3000?  If so, how do I do it??  Thanks!

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