After Further Review

Several users have encountered a situation in Visio 2003 where the Reviewing toolbar is always shown.  Even once you turn off the toolbar, it reappears the next time the document is opened or the next time the Visio application is launched. 



Here are some possible explanations and remedies.  You may need to try multiple remedies to keep the Reviewing toolbar from popping up again.


1)      The current document is in Track Markup mode.  Go to the Tools menu and turn off Track Markup mode.  Then resave the document.

2)      Visio is set to display Markup in the document.  Go to the View menu and turn off Markup.  Then resave the document.

3)      The Reviewing toolbar was visible when Visio was last exited.  Go to View > Toolbars to turn off the Reviewing toolbar.  Then exit Visio and restart.


Are there other behaviors in Visio that you find frustrating?  Please let us know.


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