USB-IF Testing Requirement in Windows Logo Kit


Today I’d like to share with you a change we are making to the Windows Logo Kit requirements for USB-IF testing. The requirements impacted are:

Connect-0093: USB IF tests are passing or device is USB IF certified. (Effective June 1, 2011)

Busport-0034: USB IF tests are passing or USB Host controller is USB IF certified. (Effective June 1, 2011)

In previous version of these requirements, partners were required to obtain USB-IF certification for their USB devices and host controllers in order to get a Windows Logo. Now the new version of the requirements provides partners with a choice:

Option 1: Partners can either download and run tests from the USB‑IF website, the results of which will be consumed by the WLK. If your device has been certified by the USB-IF, you simply need to provide the USB‑IF Test ID (TID) for the device to the WLK. This enables partners who get their devices USB‑IF certified to avoid any test duplication in WLK.

Option 2: Partners who do not get their devices USB-IF certified simply need to run a few of the USB-IF tests on their own and then provide the logs from those tests to the WLK.

More information about the changes to the USB-IF testing requirements in WLK are outlined in this whitepaper:

Thank you for reading!

Jane Lawrence

USB Program Manager

Comments (10)

  1. Muthu Kumar says:


    is this applicable for companies that make USB Bluetooth chipsets (embedded in the notebook) that leverages the MS Bluetooth stack (bthusb.sys)?

  2. jason says:

    USB tests are very comprehensive. Which logs is the WLK concerned with? I am assuming the Ch9 tests since they deal with interoperability. Does this mean I can place the Chp test xxx.log file in the specified folder and this will pass without a TID?

  3. USB Blog says:

    @Muthu Kumar

    Yes, the USB-IF testing requirement is applicable to USB attached Bluetooth controllers if you want a device logo.


    You are correct, a Chapter 9 log file, (specifically, the html log file) can be placed in the specified folder on the DTM client machine and the test will pass without a TID (assuming the Ch9 log file indicates a pass).  The whitepaper at the above link contains more detail regarding which USB-IF tests are required.  Note, the option to provide USB-IF test logs is only available in the upcoming WLK 1.6.


    Philip Froese

    USB Test Developer

  4. says:


    Please clarify below.

    We are having USB 1.1 h/w and intend to use them on windows Xp(32/64) and windows 7 (32/64) using USB-serial (KMDF).

    Since we intend to get the Un-classified category in DTM (WLK1.5),  IS IT MANDATORY to clear all the Connectivity-USB (or USB-IF) cases apart from Reliabilty tests?

    Is there option to get the driver certified now as if we take Device related certification (USB-IF) later?

  5. Chandran_d1 says:


    My device is USB1.1 compliant, and I'm writing USB driver for XP and Windows 7.

    Is this test applicable?

    Please suggest how to consume logs of USB1.1 compliant for this USB-IF test in DTM?



  6. Håkan Eriksson says:


    I'm creating a submission for a USB-device, the only test still marked as fail is "USB-IF Test Certification ID Check ".

    Short question: Even though there is a comment in my submission status report "The USB-IF Test Certification ID Check test is in preview until June 1, 2011 for Microsoft Windows Logo Kit 1.5 and Microsoft Windows Logo Kit 1.6.", is my submission not OK or can I submitt and expect OK from WLK-team?

    Best regards,

    Håkan Eriksson

    Precise Biometrics

  7. Yuriy says:

    Philip Froese wrote in the comments:

    >Note, the option to provide USB-IF test logs is only available in the upcoming WLK 1.6.


    WLK 1.6 is released now, but there is no changes in the wlk-usb-if-testing.docx


    Where should I put logs from USB-IF test tool (USB20CV) to pass this WLK test?

    It is not described in wlk-usb-if-testing.docx , nor in the MSDN here:…/ee820106.aspx

  8. Philip Froese [MSFT] says:


    The USB20CV is applicable to all USB high, full, and low speed devices.  In WLK 1.6 after June 1, 2011, USB-IF testing via one of the two options detailed above will be mandatory for all Windows 7 USB device submissions.

    @Håkan Eriksson

    The test is filtered out, regardless of the result, under a preview filter until June 1, 2011.  After that date, the test must be passing in order to complete a Windows Logo submission.


    Please refer to the updated MSDN documentation for the latest instructions:…/ff568637(v=VS.85).aspx

    The default log location is under C:usblogs on the test system.  


    Philip Froese

    USB Test Developer

  9. Mathan says:

    I am testing a smart card reader in the unclassified category under WLK1.6. This test fails with the message as in the above comment. My device is USB-IF certified and provided the correct test instance id in the TID parameters and set the parameter INTEROP_TESTS_PASSED to TRUE. However, the test gets passed but after generating the report, in the report it is mentioned as shown below. Kindly clarify whether after June 1, 2011 this test passing like after applying errata filters is not applicable?

    This Preview Test or Test Case is being filtered until the expiration date of this Errata. After the expiration date of this filter these failures must be fixed to have a passing submission. Microsoft strongly recommends that these errors be investigated prior to this test or job being required for submission.

    The USB-IF Test Certification ID Check test is in preview until June 1, 2011 for Microsoft Windows Logo Kit 1.5 and Microsoft Windows Logo Kit 1.6.     8 of 9

    Issue Resolution

    This is a preview filter and will filter out any errors in the USB-IF Test Certification ID Check test. The USB-IF Test Certification ID Check test has been modified in Microsoft Windows Logo Kit 1.6. In WLK 1.6, the changed test will allow the entry of a USB-IF Test Certification ID if you have certified your device with the USB-IF organization. The changed test will also allow you to import logs if you have downloaded and run the required tests from the USB-IF organization. Please see the Windows Logo Program Newsletter dated 15 December 2009 for details on changes to the USB-IF requirements. For specific logo requirements details, please see CONNECT-0093 and BUSPORT-0034. Also, see the Windows Logo Kit USB-IF Testing doc for more in depth background and guidance on USB-IF testing for WLK. On June 1, 2011 passing this test is required in WLK 1.5 and WLK 1.6.

  10. DIO says:

    Hi Experts,

    I am sorry if my problem so silly to you all. I am getting failed for "USB-IF Test Certification ID Check" on all the OS (xp, 7, vista). I have put update errata filters (from winqual site) in DTM controller, but still it didn't work.

    later I installed USB20CV, but could anyone please tell me,

    1. Is there any procedure to run USB20 Command Verifier ?

    2. Which test suites i should run?

    please help me, & show me the way- how "USB-IF Test Certification ID Check" will be PASSED?


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