Method to Convert Binary

Today I'd like to introduce a table to understand how to convert between decimal and binary.

ErmiteUrbain made a table to show how Amir CPS's converter THJ835-1 works.

Table to understand conversion between decimal and binary

ErmiteUrbain also rewrote Amir's converter.  The new one is THJ835-2.

Thank you ErmiteUrbain for sharing your understanding!

Please post your programs or ideas to the forum thread Nominate games (or other programs) here to get featured on our Blog! (PART 3).

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Comments (3)

  1. Tryhest says:

    another method dec->bin (iterative)
    start from 2^n=2^n else write 0
    dec n by 1
    repeat from loop: until 2^n>=1 with given result(53-32*1=21)

    result sequence:
    53>32= (1) 53-32=21
    21>16=(1) 21-16=5
    5>>> 5
    5>4=(1) 5-4=1
    1>>> 1
    1>=1=(1) 1-1=0
    so the result will be 110101(2)=32+16+4+1=53

      1. Thanks Tryhest for sharing your info and program.

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