binary to decimal converter – Small Basic Featured Program (by WhTurner33)

Let's let WhTurner33 introduce the program!

You can try it out here:


Last Monday I published a simple binary to decimal converter in response to a question in

stuck in a school program

After some problems I expanded the program to convert:

- from 16 bits binary to decimal and hexadecimal  see second figure

- from decimal (max 65535) to binary and hexadecimal

- from hexadecimal (max. FFFF) to binary and decimal. see first figure

The program is published as FHH347, as it is to long to show here (>210 lines)


This is awesome! Check it out here and get the context on this forum thread. Thanks to WhTurner33 for this fun program!!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (3)

  1. WhTurner's Binary Converter is a one-stop shop! I've seen binary converters before, but this is a serious one with multiple features!

  2. Jovica says:

    I made this website
    It can convert any numeral system from one to all others…

    1. Sweet. Have you tried Small Basic?

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