Talking Small Basic at the 2017 TEALS Puget Sound CS Fair

On April 21st, Ed, Holly and I talked Small Basic with around 1700 high school computer science students (and their teachers!) at the 2017 TEALS Puget Sound CS Fair.  It was a blast!  We had a range of students, from those just starting in Intro to CS to those in Advanced Placement classes. For a student who has to wait a year between taking Intro and AP, learning that Small Basic could help him keep going on his own was exciting news. For others struggling with Java or with more complex languages, I told my own story: my coworkers told me that learning to code with C# would be easy... suffice to say, I'm a big believer in the power of Small Basic as a teaching tool!


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  1. UPDATE: Added the fourth image and the See Also links.

  2. We’ve been doing these fairs since 2013! So this was our fifth year!

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