Small Basic at the April 2015 TEALS Computer Science Field Trip

I just found our blog post from last year, and it had the same name as this year's blog post: Small Basic at the April 2014 TEALS Computer Science Student Field Trip


Great minds think alike... mine and, mine, I guess.

Well, at the 2015 TEALS Field Trip:

Students at Microsoft's Redmond campus for the TEALS field trip 2013


We visited with over 1,000 junior high and high school students! Most were from Washington, but a few flew in from other states!


Here are all the students at the main presentation:

A shot of the back of the room:

And here are Philip (from Kidware) and me at our Small Basic booth:


Here's a quote from Philip: "I Had a lot of fun talking to over 500 Computer Science students for over 3 hours!"

That's true! We were talking to them for hours, and we almost lost our voices talking over all the other conversations in the room!


Thanks again to Kidware for coming and helping us run the booth!

You can find 8 great curriculum-style books from Kidware Software publishing.

Books with sample chapters on TechNet Wiki:


Thanks to TEALS and all those who helped make this event happen! Special thanks to the founder of TEALS, Kevin Wang.


We're hoping we got some students interested in changing their lives and the lives of those around them!

Small and Basically yours,

- Ninja Ed

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  1. Special thanks to Philip for helping provide a great Small Basic experience for all the visiting students!

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