Small Basic – Train

Today, I'd like to introduce Small Basic programs that show trains.

Bit Train Games BPF583 by Tryhest

  • click on left lever to select train path
  • click on right lever to open/close path


Choo Choo Anim TWD975 by Tryhest


TGV Anim RBT198 by Tryhest


Train Simulator CKS893 by Nonki


Thank you Tryhest for sharing train programs.  I've inspired from them and wrote my program.

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Comments (6)

  1. Tryhest says:

    nice done nonki!
    some update to ur train railroad: CKS893-0

    1. Tryhest, nice modification. Thanks.

      1. Tryhest says:

        2 trains: TDW558

    2. Great job on your trains, Tryhest!

  2. I wrote a Shinkansen graphics program PWK606.

    1. Tryhest says:

      nice work nonki!
      small update PWK606-0
      added anim back-forth

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