Small Basic – November Community Challenges: Guitar Chords, Drawing Freehand, & Subtractive Colors

Building off the November Challenges from LitDev:

Small Basic Challenges of the Month (November 2016): Scrolling Text Banner, SB Logo, Turtle Mascot, Tic Tac Toe, and Checkers!

We have challenges from the Community members as well!


Guitar chords

Here is my suggestion for one of the November Challenges.

To draw something like this:

if you play guitar, you will recognize this graphics representation of guitar chords.

With Small Basic:

In a box, you would enter the name of the chord, and the program would draw the guitar chord with the position of the fingers and the strings, and maybe even play this chord with the sound.playmusic function.!

maybe only the Guitar/Open Chords first like  C, D, E, F, G , A , B, Em, Am, B7, and others:

see this wikipedia link:




- YLed


Drawing Freehand

My suggestion for November 2016 challenge is:

  • Draw a freehand like picture with Small Basic.

Freehand picture of a fish

- Nonki Takahashi


Subtractive Color

Her is an idea, a suggestion for November challenge:

draw three colored circles representing the colors in subtractive color theory.

Yellow, Magenta ,Cyan

Wikipedia: Subtractive Color

- YLed

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