DirectX managed redistributable

Sorry for the problems you’ve had running the “Whack-a-PM” sample program.  It requires the managed DirectX redistributable package, which you can now download from here: (about 3MB) This file is password-protected just like the samples were, with the same password.  If you don’t remember the password, ask Mr. Ghebru or email us. Sue & Rob


Week 2: Object-oriented Design and Visual J# Projects

This week’s lecture is about object-oriented design, and how we’re going to do the design for our Hunt the Wumpus game.  We’ll also cover what a “project” is in Visual J# and how to create your own.  This will be the first step of building your part of the Hunt the Wumpus game. This week’s…


Week 1: The game and the sample code

This week’s lecture is a more detailed description of the Hunt the Wumpus game you will be building, and an introduction to the sample code.  The sample code is not related to the game at all, but you’ll be referring to it as an example of how to implement the things you’ll need to implement in J#. …


Now actively recruiting Atlanta Hunt the Wumpus Mentors

I posted an initial notification but then spent time trying to find a school to work with first.  I’m pleased to announce that the Saint Pius X high school ( has agreed to participate in our Hunt the Wumpus program.  I’m now going back to recruiting volunteer mentors.  I need to recruit 2-3 people in…


Hunt the Wumpus in Atlanta

I’m looking to recruit other software folks to help teach software engineering practices as part of our Hunt the Wumpus program.  This project is something that Microsoft has already been running in the Seattle area for several years, and I am looking to bring it to Atlanta. You wouldn’t have to be employed by or…


[MIT enews] When I Testified Before Congress

A thought-provoking article about the state of science and engineering education in the U.S.  


Windows Embedded Challenge ROCKS!

I know I said I’d be blogging on the ce_base team blog now, but I figured my personal blog is a better place for this one as it’s more personal in nature.  I just finished two days of serving as a judge for the Windows Embedded Student Challenge.  I had a most wonderful time.  The…


Windows CE Base Team Blog

We just created a new team blog, the CE base team blog, to cover kernel & file system issues. I’m going to start posting there instead of here.  I probably won’t have a lot of side-posts on this blog; I don’t really have the energy for lots of off-topic personal stuff.  So if you are…


Lock Convoys and How to Recognize Them

The problem: When using a particular application on one specific device, users noticed very bad UI response for a period of a few seconds.  After those seconds, UI responsiveness went back to normal.   The investigation: I used ActiveSync to drop celog.dll and oscapture.exe onto a standalone device.  I could have hooked the device up…


[misc] Getting Kids into Computers

Links I turned up from recent discussions of this topic: Scobleizer: Erick Mack: Jeff Sandquist, Bitman’s Palace: Kid’s Programming Language: I keep thinking of how I’d like to get more involved in getting kids into programming.  I even tried seeing if I could volunteer-teach an after-school thing at my local high…