Splashing around on the surface

So what does this here XNA Content Pipeline thingummyjig actually DO, anyway?   I’m going to start off with an example of how you could use it, working entirely with the default XNA importers and processors.   Imagine I’m making a game called “Super Dromedary Racer X”. Let’s pretend I have the following game assets:…


Canals, rivers, and the drinking water supply

I love taps. Turn one, and out comes fresh drinking water. Turn the other one, and out comes hot water for doing the washing up. Great stuff!   The only problem with taps is that they aren’t very interactive or flexible. Great for providing water, but not much use for anything else. You don’t get…


A dribble of background assumptions

I want to talk about the XNA Framework Content Pipeline! I do, I do, I do! But apparently Michael is working on an overview post, so I’m going to wait for that before diving into any details. In the meantime, I decided to talk about some of the background assumptions that went into our design….


A big splash

It’s been really exciting seeing all the news articles and blog discussion since we announced XNA Game Studio Express last week. Actually that’s a lie. I went hiking in the Olympic Peninsula right after our announcement at GameFest. Many incredible trees in the rainforest, but no internet access, so I’m only now getting a chance…


A toe in the water

Testing, testing… Is there anybody out there? So here I am with my shiny new blog. This exists because we recently announced my shiny new product, XNA Game Studio Express. I’m excited about this and ready to start talking about it now the product has gone public, cat is out the bag, beans have been…