DirectX Tool Kit now supports Windows Phone 8

I suspect this will come as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention to what I've been working on recently...

The latest version of DirectXTK adds support for Windows Phone 8.  In fact, DirectXTK pretty much already worked on WP8, which uses the same D3D11 API as Windows 8.  The only changes in this release are:

  • Added project and solution files for use with the newly released Windows Phone SDK
  • Updated WICTextureLoader and SaveWICTextureToFile to indicate that these are not available on Windows Phone (which does not support WIC)
  • Updated the readme to match

Comments (4)

  1. xoofx says:

    FYI, SharpDX.Toolkit is a port to .NET of DirectXTk (and some part of DirectXTex) with some XNA like improvement (…/new-version-2-4-0). Thanks for DirectXTk.

  2. walbourn says:

    Similiarly, the majority of the content of my "dual-use coding techniques" article applies to Windows phone 8 as well as Windows Store apps.…/dual-use-coding-techniques-for-games.aspx

  3. walbourn says:

    There is a simple Windows phone 8 sample for DirectXK on MSDN Code Gallery

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