Voting results are in!

Thanks for the comments about what I should write about next.  Hopefully I managed to count these more accurately than the Iowa Republican party  🙂

C++ 16
How GPU’s work 11
3D math 10
Game design 10
SIMD optimization 3

Of course my blog is not a democracy, so I’m not promising to actually cover these topics in that order!  But it is useful to know that for instance I have more readers interested in C++ than in SIMD optimization.

There were also several write-in nominations:

  • Specifics of how XNA is implemented.  It does seem like there should be a couple of interesting articles to be had here. I will have to think about exactly what they might be.

  • Managed <-> native interop (esp. WinRT).  Hmm. My immediate reaction is I don’t know enough about this topic, but I will mull it over and see if anything worthwhile comes to mind.

  • A couple of requests to talk about future XNA plans.  Sorry, no can do. Not my team any more!

  • Single-vote requests to write about input, component based entities, and XACT garbage.  Unlikely (due to lack of knowledge / opinions / info to share) but I will bear them in mind.

Thank you all!

Comments (3)

  1. Cyrille says:

    I didn't vote, but I think the most interesting think was the little game development tricks, like the ones on Moto GP.

  2. Ray says:

    Two weeks from now you will recount, Game Design will have won, but 3D Math will gain another four points thanks to the Tau Manifesto.

  3. Javad says:

    Damnit, I just realized that I voted after the results were announced

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