Shawn is a twit

For a guy who spends his life working with, thinking about, and talking about technology, I'm actually a bit of a luddite.

Can you believe I didn't own a cellphone until 2006?

My friends make fun of me because my car has no AC, and you have to physically wind a handle to open the windows.

And I'm one of the few people left who still buys music on physical CDs. MP3 player? What's one of them then?

But, bowing to the power of 2010, I am now on Twitter. Follow me @ShawnHargreaves

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  1. Dude, I completely understand.  I didn’t have a cell till 2005.  All my friends poke fun.  But I always hold out and then by the most bad ass pocket PC Inspector gadget phone available.  Then they all shut up.  I hat it though.  Follow us back if you like.  I love your blogs, they are supremely helpful with XNA dev.  @NeuronGames thanks for all the free code over the past couple years.

  2. Björn says:

    And us peon rejoice! (Literally: I immediately took the next flight [where @CatalinZima and @conkerjo met me] to the US, grabbed a screaming and kicking @clingermangw [not as much fun as it might sounds like: three man draggin’ poor George away from his family, only succeeded because the kids stopped laughing and helped pushing…] and visited @The_Zman to celebrate with some Cadbury chocolate – which was picked up on the airport in London. Too bad I awoke before the beer was opened…)

  3. Victor says:

    Hello Shawn,

    I work at a mobile game company and as of this day, I still don’t own a mobile phone. Many find that odd… I’m very social and outgoing but I’m terrified of the idea of being accessible to anyone at any time. Of course, I can ignore calls, but that’s not very nice in my book!

    Also, thank you very much for all your insight, your blog is simply awesome. And thank you for Extreme G!!

  4. Davis Segovia says:

    i still dont own a cell phone, never had… sometimes have trouble to operate them, even though ive been using computers more than a decade ago, and started programming like 5 years ago and i consider myself a geeky tech enthusiast but still, i always had that strange feeling about phones, so having a static land line one its enough, having a mobile one still gives me the creeps.. i still dont find them very useful other than as clocks hahahaha

  5. JoelBennett says:

    Hey, I consider a car with hand-crank air conditioning to be a good thing.  It just shows that you want to be more ‘at one’ with the mechanical bits of the vehicle.

  6. Neil says:

    I can’t believe you’ve disowned your British heritage. It isn’t a cellphone it’s a mobile phone. You aren’t just talking to Americans, you’re talking to the world.

    However you aren’t alone. Note for Microsoft: You have regionalised Windows completely but you’ve forgotten to add British English. I can’t say how annoyed I get when I see ‘canceled’, ‘color’, ‘behavior’ and there is nothing I can do to change it.

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