Important suggestion from the MVP Summit

Once a year, a group of MVPs ("Microsoft Valued Professionals") fly out to Seattle to meet with Microsoft product teams and discuss what's good, what's bad, and where things ought to go in the future.

This can sometimes degenerate into a couple of days of us being told off by the ZMan, but this year I was pleased to come away with one particularly useful suggestion:


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  1. nobodyman says:

    Shawn:  your humor is too subtle for doofs like me.  Could you translate so that my unfunny mind can get it?  😉

  2. ShawnHargreaves says:

    > Could you translate so that my unfunny mind can get it?

    If only it was actually funny, there might be something to translate!

    This stems firmly from the "anything, no matter how stupid, will become funny if you repeat it enough times" school of humor.

    The first time we put my cat in one of the XNA samples, it was silly. The second time, it was repetitive. But now we’ve put him in dozens of different samples, which amuses people like me who’s brains are wired up wrongly enough that we find repetition funny.

    If putting the cat in many different samples is  funny, what could be funnier than also putting him on a tshirt?

  3. Ultrahead says:

    "… what could be funnier …"

    Maybe adding the image of a computer mouse below the cat and on top of the blue word.

  4. DrDeth says:

    Are the attendees only from the States or from all over the globe?

    It would be great to see more international coverage for XNA. Locally, there is none and I’m left stumbling around in the dark promoting it to local developers who are afraid to take it up for lack of local knowledge.

  5. Machaira says:

    DrDeth – the MVPs come from all over the world. This year there was over 1700 of us, around 900 from outside of the U.S. 8)

    Love the t-shirt!

  6. Edmund0Dantes says:

    I found the cornflower blue quite amuzing too.

    I need to get out more.

  7. ShawnHargreaves says:

    > This year there was over 1700

    That’s 1700 covering all MS products, though, not just XNA Game Studio 🙂

  8. scypior says:

    Does the mouse from some examples in Allegro was yours as well?

  9. kewlniss says:

    I still say that Microsoft should give these away at GameFest 🙂

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