MotoGP ’07

Playing sequels to games you once worked on is a deeply strange experience. A friend of mine described it as similar to the first time you bump into an ex girlfriend out with her new partner. Even though you parted amicably, are still friends, wish her well, and find yourself liking the new boyfriend, the whole thing is still somehow uncomfortable.

For several years I lived, breathed, dreamed, and sweated the first couple of MotoGP games. And now here comes MotoGP '07: bigger, better, and made by people who are not me!

I think the guys did a great job with this. It looks gorgeous, and fixes many of the nagging little flaws that bugged me about the versions I worked on. It is just weird to see my baby all grown up, and to know that even though there is surely a lot of my code still in there, she is now busy doing her own thing and going out with some other guy...

Comments (3)

  1. Jamezilla says:


  2. Greg Gorman says:

    Ah, but you had her first.

  3. coolant says:

    still remember the days i played MotoGP2 with my ex-gf, thanks Shawn…

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