Understanding jQuery’s Data API’s

jQuery’s Core Team Member, Dave Methvin has a great write up on LearningjQuery.com called “Using jQuery’s Data API”.  He walks us through the beginning thoughts on what the .data() API was meant for, a DOM based In-Memory storage, to how it evolved into reading the data attribute in HTML5.  Dave outlines 5 rules of the road for…


Spin.js makes Animated Gifs Old School

In most web apps, when an Ajax request is done, developers will use an animated gif image (AKA Throbber) to give the user an indication that something is going on. Throbbers come in many forms from circles to bars and even animated logos. The key thing is that they all required an image to be loaded and…


Using and Writing Polyfills for Building Modern Applications

HTML5 is the hot topic these days. Everybody wants to use the cool features and enhance their sites. One stumbling block is the pervasiveness of non-modern browsers that don’t support these great new features. So how do you get around this? Through polyfills and shims of course! Thankfully, a lot of very smart people have created…


HTML5-Powered VNC Implementation noVNC Let’s You Access Remote Systems

I’m constantly amazed at what developers are able to accomplish now with browser-based technologies. I’ve used VNC for years to remotely manage PCs and servers and it’s a great tool for sure. Never in a million years would I have imagined that you could build an implementation of it using HTML5. That’s what Joel Martin…


Expression Web 4 SP2 Brings the jQuery Goodness and Interactive Snapshot for Debugging

Microsoft released Expression Web 4 SP2 and it brings a host of nice features. The two that I’m really digging are jQuery Intellisense support and the Interactive Snapshot. jQuery Intellisense Expression has traditionally be a designer’s tool but with the lines between developer and designer blurring, it makes sense for Expression to add support to…


Cloud-based Development via Node.js and Cloud9 IDE Integration Coming Soon

We all know that Node.js and Cloud9 IDE are both hot bits of technology so it should come as no surprise that Joyent and Cloud9 have partnered to make it easy to build, run, debug and deploy Node applications using the web-based IDE. Here’s the press release: In an arrangement that brings together the work…


Evaluating jQuery Plugins for Use in your Projects

I just found, what looks like an, awesome HTML5 Uploader jQuery Plugin in my Twitter feed and my first thought was, “Wow, this would make a great addition to the project that I am currently working on.”  Unfortunately, once I started to evaluate the plugin it failed miserably in all aspects of my evaluation criteria….


Buzz Makes it Easy to Use HTML5 Audio

Jay Salvat has produced some amazing jQuery plugins before and his latest library continues in that tradtion. Buzz is his newest creation and makes it incredibly easy to use the new HTML5 Audio element’s API. It offers methods to track things like: Browser support Codec support Timing Playback and more… And support for a variety of audio formats: It also…


Another Great JavaScript Learning Center Launches…and it’s Free!

Everyone wants to learn JavaScript now. It’s the cool language and the language that’s powering a lot of the awesome features of HTML5. While there are several resources available many require some form of payment so when you find one that offers good guidance at no cost, you make sure you bookmark it. So be…