Enabling alerts for Custom Fields in Work Item Alerts

UPDATE: The information in this blog post is deprecated as a new team owns this feature now – The feature is expected to be publicly available soon – another update will be posted when it becomes available ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Right now when you create work item alerts some fields like priority will only limit you to…


Troubleshooting issues with Visual Studio Team Services and TFS Notifications / Alerts

TFS and Visual Studio Team Services provide a way to Set alerts and get notified when changes occur. One of the common issues that occur with these alerts is that users who are expecting to get a certain form of alert / notification do not get it, this guide is meant to help troubleshoot these issues. Problem 1: I…


Debugging error System.InvalidOperationException Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.

Disclaimer: Most of the content for this post come from an amazing blog post by Remi Lemarchand, which was the only source I could find on how to troubleshoot this issue, I am posting it here with some small modifications to fit a different scenario where we were not clear on which pool was having the…


.Net contention scenario using PerfView

This is a contention case study from one of our ATs – I have been learning a lot about PerfView from one of our more experienced devs, once you get a grip of it, you can do amazing things with perfview. The perfview was collected using this command (which tells it to collect a perfview…


Introduction to PerfView

Perf view is our new favorite debugging tool, I very highly recommend watching the video series provided by PerfView creator Vance Morrison at https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/PerfView-Tutorial I will start blogging a little bit about several interesting scenarios that can be debugged using perf view – check the next few posts!


Which performance counters to monitor on an azure role?

One of the first questions we asked when visual studio online (which was still tfspreview.com back then) was released was which performance counters should we be watching? How can we tell that something is wrong? Now almost 4 years later we know a lot more about things that can go wrong and affect the service, but the…


Dumping the contents of a dictionary object using Windbg and SOS.dll

In order to dump the contents of a dictionary, you need to start with either the MethodTable or the name of the class, then you can follow the below steps:  0:009> !dumpheap -mt 000007feeed0b9c0          Address               MT     Size 000000018003e630 000007feeed0b9c0       80     000000018008ec10 000007feeed0b9c0       80      Statistics:               MT    Count    TotalSize Class Name 000007feeed0b9c0        2          160…


Resolving CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database [db] when running Create Database [BKUP] as copy of [DB] in SQL Azure

The easiest way to back up databases in SQL Azure is to run Create Database [BKUP] as copy of [DB] command, but this often fails with error CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘DB’ What this error really means is that you do not have permissions to perform this operation, this is how to resolve…


How to convert pretty much any 2D image to a 3D object in OpenSCAD format

I have recently become quite obsessed with 3D design and printing, thanks to OpenSCAD that made designing 3D objects just too easy not to try, if you want to make 3D models from an image or SVG file, you can do it very easily – there are other ways to convert to other 3D formats,…


My SOS cheat sheet

 There are some handy sos commands that I need to use frequently while debugging, there are several other handy sos cheat sheets available that I use as well, check this one for example.  Breaking and Breakpoints    Print all CLR exceptions and continue execution sxe -c “!pe;g” clr You can run .logopen “C:\MyErrors.log” before this command…