Insider Fast release notes: 15.37 (170627)

This week brings our first version 15.37 update to reach Insider Fast. Here's a quick look at the update:


Top improvements and fixes:

  • Favorites: Folders can now be added or removed via clicking star icon displayed on hover of folder
  • Favorites: Top-level Favorites group is now only displayed if at least one folder has been favorited
  • Google Calendar: Now view free & busy information for attendees in Scheduling when creating a meeting
  • Account setup: Improved error messages for IMAP accounts, including configuring IMAP access and two-step auth
  • When adding an account, calendars and contacts are now selected and properly displayed



Hover to add to Favorites or remove from Favorites


Other notes:

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature
  • For weekly updates with the latest features and fixes listed here, join Insider Fast!
  • Lastly, the Outlook Preview is concluding this week; thanks for all the valuable feedback!


Comments (40)

  1. Michael Schomburg says:

    Again I love all the updates each week, but…..

    Im Not a big fan of the Star to add favorites. Its too easy to accidentally add or remove them as you move between folders.

    Right click to add, drag and drop, plus menu drop down provides us 3 options to add folders to the favorites, do we really need an ever present 4th option? My favorites will remain mostly static, so seeing the Star flip around constantly is more of a distraction than an improvement IMHO.

    1. Josh says:

      I so agree. About 6 times in a day I am hitting the star, this is not a cool feature at all. Right-click would be perfectly fine.

      Still waiting for (a) calendar sync with iCloud calendar, and (b) tables in Outlook mail. But keep up the emerging work. Thank you.

      1. JeanVis says:

        I second that, especially the 2nd part about calendar sync with iCloud and tables in Outlook mail. That would really make my day.

        1. Chris Hoagland says:

          Definitely get ride of the silly star feature. It adds nothing expect one more thing to get confused with or make mistakes with. A view panel for calendar would be nice and table adding would be nice as well. In fact, why don’t you just go next door, ask Microsoft for a cup of Outlook 2016 (windows version – half the calories), and just use that instead of trying to make these updates that will eventually build into their version anyway. Instead of trying to make it “new” and “refreshed” and yours, just use what is already out there, call it Mac style, and then call it a day. It will be easier for everyone to just do that.

    2. Scott says:

      Agree with original poster about Favorites mechanism. There is already a way to do this with right clicking, adding the Star icon as another method for doing this is totally unnecessary. As a user who leverages large quantities of folders to manage e-mail (~40 visible based on current monitor), having this star icon constantly coming in/out of visibility is distracting, and it overwrites the folder unread message count which is useful as is.

    3. downtown says:

      Agree with that. Also if you only add one mailbox as a favourite there is no mention of which mail account it belongs to – I understand why but given the comments about accidentally clicking and de-clicking it would be easy enough to have the wrong favourite and potentially send an email from that account when it was another that you wanted. I have 2 personal accounts and a work account in my Outlook and that could be a little embarassing

    4. Darryl says:

      Piling on the comments regarding the Star feature to add favorites – more of an annoyance/distraction than a benefit. would like to see that UI feature removed.

  2. Peter Watters says:


    New update looks great. One thing I have noticed… the total message count for a folder which usually appears in the status bar at the bottom left has disappeared. I will post a message on the Insider Community forum.

    1. Hi Peter. As you may have already noticed, we restored the item count in the status bar based on Insider feedback. Please update to the latest for this change. Thanks!

      1. Hue Suk says:

        What about the user feedback on that annoying star to add to favorites!!! Do you actually think people would like that feature…that actually covers up the number of unread messages???

  3. Steve says:

    There needs to be the ability to disable the star for favorites when I am hovering over folders….very annoying and prone to accidentally creating favorites when I don’t want to!

  4. Jason says:

    hey. thanks for your updateds, but i think it sucks this time.
    Reason 1:
    Bottom tool bar can show total mail count in previous version , but not for latese one.
    Reason 2:
    Can not custom forward mail header like windows mail. Anytime forwarding mail , mail header always with name & address.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jason. Based on Insider feedback, we’ve restored the item count in the status bar. Please update to the latest, 15.37 (170707). As for forwarding email, have you tried the “Attribution of original message” setting in Outlook > Preferences > Composing? You can set the attribution to None or Custom Format that doesn’t include name and address.

  5. Jon Morgan says:

    Since installing this Insider Fast Build, Outlook crashes every time it opens (even after a reboot). HELP!

    1. Jon Morgan says:

      I installed a previous (non Insider) build and it’s working again.

  6. Rachid Jeitani says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to add a smart folder to the favorites list or am I missing something?

    1. Smart Folders aren’t supported right now. We’re looking closely feedback from Insiders to further improve the feature, so appreciate the comment!

  7. Mike VanHorn says:

    Microsoft AutoUpdate is prompting me to download 15.37.0 (17070600); why can I only find release notes for 15.37 (170627)? Why aren’t the release notes released *before* the actual software, so that you can actually read them when the software is released?

    1. Hi Mike. We generally post release notes the day the update is released. Last week’s release notes are here:
      Also note the edit at the top of the post: “Update on 7/7: For those affected by a crash on launch, or a consistent crash after updating to 15.37.160704 (or 15.37.160706), please update to the latest Insider Fast release 15.37.160707, which is available starting from 7/7.”

  8. cubsfann1955 says:

    Get rid of the stars. Please.

  9. Mauritz says:

    Hi, what was the reasoning behind the new white background on the folder pane? It doesn’t follow Apple’s design guidelines, and frankly it looks really, really horrible. There seems to be other changes since 15.35 that I can’t put my finger on – I have multiple accounts with a lot of folders and the entire folder pane just shows a lot less relevant content and more garbage than before.

  10. Mark Grigsby says:

    In the new builds, it’s more awkward to drag / drop emails into their respective folders. The grey highlighting of the ‘destination’ folder isn’t very visible underneath the transparent message being dragged. The blue highlighting on the PC version is much easier to use, is there any chance this could be adjusted?

  11. Rugbypd says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I am using build 170712. In this build when searching, I only find emails going back 2 days in my exchange folder and when searching iCloud it finds nothing. Have you seen any other reports like this?

    1. Hi Peter. Please message us via Help > Contact Support and we can’t help troubleshoot. Thanks!

      1. Rugbypd says:

        Will do. Thanks Jeff

  12. Steve L says:

    another vote to remove the stars, a massive distraction for very little gain

    1. Sunder Raman says:

      Thanks, we are collecting feedback. We’ll consider changes based on volume of feedback around this.

      1. Bob Bader says:

        Remove the stars, another vote….

      2. S T says:

        I really don’t like the stars. Often, after I’ve rolled over a folder the star lingers until I go back and roll over it again to make it disappear. I have to do this because the star obscures the message count for each folder. I’ve missed messages because the message count is hidden behind an unwanted star. Atrocious feature!

  13. Mario P. says:

    Guys, You mentioned the contacts feature for accounts (limited) ?
    I just hung up with my customer who was using this release and he could no longer update his IMAP contacts is this so?

    Can you advise to users that this isn’t supported at least? he could only update in OLM format (Pst for mac)

    1. Sunder Raman says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Can you please contact using Help > Contact Support?

  14. Gillian Nigh Milbrandt says:

    Since updating to 15.37 I seem to have lost the ability to mark an e-mail as complete – it used to be the second click after flagging it. Am I missing something?

    1. Sunder Raman says:

      Please contact us using Help > Contact Support

  15. Richard Spensley says:

    When are you going to add the colour categorisation back as it was in Outlook 2011? The way category colours are handled now is appalling. It drives me back to using Outlook 2011 until this is fixed

  16. Gina Fiedel says:

    I accidentally clicked the star of a folder in my Favorites. All the emails have disappeared. Is there a way to retrieve them? thanks!

    1. Hi Gina. Please message us within Outlook via Help menu > Contact Support for assistance. Thanks.

  17. Dhruv says:

    for the love of god, please remove this irritating add to favorites feature. Its really sad to see that you guys did not do ANY ux testing before launching this stupid feature. Who would want to see hovering star every time they want to click on a folder?

  18. Ric Bretschneider says:

    Did the latest update to Mac Outlook remove the “All Accounts” folder for Junk? If not, why has mine gone missing?

    1. Hi Ric. Junk isn’t included in the All Accounts area, but can be found under each individual account. If you have any other questions or feedback, please message us within Outlook via Help menu > Contact Support. Thanks!

      1. Ric Bretschneider says:

        Hi Jeffrey,
        It used to be a collection of folders, like All Accounts, that you could click on to see all of your e-mail account’s Junk in one list. Just verified this on my MacBook Pro which hasn’t been updated to the latest version. So someone took it out of version 15.37 (170815). As an alumni of Microsoft Office development, I know this can happen both intentionally (a feature deprecation) or accidentally (unexpected ramification of another code change.) If it was intentional, I’d like to know. To me, it seems like a bad bug that should be fixed.

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