Insider Fast release notes: 15.36 (170613)

Here's a look at the top improvements and fixes in this week's update, 15.36 (170613):


Top improvements and fixes:

  • Format Painter is now available when creating emails, events, and tasks
  • Subscript, Superscript, and Clear All Formatting are now available when creating emails, events, and tasks
  • Format Text tab is now available in the Ribbon when creating events and tasks
  • Favorites: Trash and Junk folders can now be added to Favorites
  • Favorites: Groups can now be added to favorites via context menu for the Group
  • New sidebar: Next Pane and Previous Pane now work to quickly navigate between the sidebar, message list, and reading pane
  • When the message list is grouped by conversations, double-clicking a single message will now open the correct one
  • The calendar event popover is now dismissed when pressing delete to avoid covering the delete confirmation sheet
  • When collapsing a group in message list via keyboard left arrow, visual focus is now provided on the group header
  • View selection buttons (Mail, Calendar, etc.) are now located after the reading pane in the keyboard tab order


Format Painter

Note: Copy Formatting, Paste Formatting, and Clear Formatting are in the Edit menu for keyboard/menu users


Other notes:

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature
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Comments (18)

  1. Will Wilson says:

    Love the fast updates and improvements that have been happening to Outlook. However one area that is MIA is full Groups support the same way Outlook for Windows supports it. Is this in the works? More of our users are wanting to use Office Groups and the functionality is very limited on the Mac right now

    1. Thanks, Will. Yes, we’re moving forward more Groups functionality. You may have noticed we just added Group cards to Production in yesterday’s 15.35 update. They appear in the message header at the top with the subject. As more functionality is delivered (releasing to Insider first) we’ll post here with more details.

      1. Will Wilson says:

        Great! Groups are starting to become a thing for us 🙂 BTW – Thank you for fixing the issue of a double space creating another period after already having some sort of punctuation at the end of a sentence. That was super annoying and the current FAST build seems to have fixed this issue!

      2. I would really like to see Office 365 groups that has been provisioned from Yammer to be visible in the groups pane also. Obviously showing the yammer feed – worst case: at least a link to the yammer feed/group.

      3. Will Wilson says:

        So I spoke to soon 🙁 The issue with double space punctuation is still there. Not sure why it would be there, but it is annoying. I have filled a bug request but was told that I would need to submit this as a feature request 🙁

  2. Michael Schomburg says:

    Love the quick fire updates too. Question, i see a Message Preview Icon on Organize tab, but its greyed out. Is that a future enhancement?

    I also see a round dot on the format painter screen shot example above, next to the Alex Darrow nane, is that a feature i should know about and may need to be turned on at my end?

    None of my names show dots.

    1. Hi Michael, great questions.
      Re: Message Preview: It’s only supported when the Reading Pane is on the right (also called Compact View). Sounds like you might have Reading Pane set to Bottom or Off.
      Re: Presence: The round dot next to the display name is IM presence coming from Skype for Business. You need to have SfB running to receive the presence info for the contact.
      For any further assistance, please message us within Outlook via Help > Contact Support.

  3. dank0419 says:

    I love the fast updates, too. One bug/feature that really needs fixing – in gmail when you flag an item you cannot set a “Follow Up” date (either in the Message window or by right clicking). This would really be helpful. Works fine for iCloud and Exchange accounts.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Currently flagging corresponds to starring for Google accounts which doesn’t have the option for dates or reminders. We’ll continue to monitor usage and user feedback in this area for potential changes.

    1. Hi Mike!

      For quoted text, though I cannot share specific timelines, this is an area that is in our backlog to look at sometime in the future.


  4. Frank Seebach says:

    Hi, thanks for the great progress Outlook is making on the mac. There are two important things missing.
    1. Tables in the editor
    2. Be able to open a calendar from an other user without the need to have full access to the calendar. Just enough rights to see the entry but not the details, like on windows.

    Are these things you are working on?



    1. Thanks for the post, Frank. These are both top requests, but I can neither confirm nor deny we’re working on them right now. As usual, Office 365 subscribers in Insider Fast will be the first to receive new features, and we’ll announce them here and/or on Office blogs.

  5. Mark Emrich says:

    Installed release 170613 two weeks ago and email sync with Gmail stopped on 6/13. Then without warning emails started syncing a few days later. Then on 6/20 emails stopped again and have not resumed since. Not sure what is happening. I just installed 170620 hoping that would fix it and then deleted and reinstalled Google acct but , again, nothing syncing as of now. Are you aware of fix or bug? Gmail works fine via web based access and iphone.

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. Please message us within Outlook via Help > Contact Support for assistance with your Google account.

  6. Peter Johanson says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    cool to have the format painter now.
    However, my outlook (office 2016) for mac (Sierra) just automatically updated to version 15.36 (170702). Next, when opening the new version, I noticed that my exchange account is now on top in the navigation pane (despite the fact that another account is configured as default). Is there a way to shift the exchange account back to the bottom of the list (as before), or to organise the order in the list freely ? The exchange account is for work, and that’s not what I want to see first when I’m at home ;-).

    Thnx in advance.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Peter. The order of the accounts should not change with the new sidebar UI in 15.36. There is no way to reorder the accounts in the sidebar. Please message us within Outlook via Help > Contact Support so we can track the report (and see if other similar issues are coming in).

    2. Ursi Haus says:

      I have the same issues like Peter Johanson, I can’t shift my several email accounts anymore, please advise, thank you.

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